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A journey through my favorites.

Journal Entry: Sun Aug 17, 2014, 9:41 AM
I stole this idea from TwilightPoetess and put my own twist on it. 

This one's a great way to find some amazing artwork of many kinds to admire, while giving random favorites some exposure!
Try it, you just might like it.  :)

Here is how it works:

My two most recent favorites:

The Lady SummerIn the centre of the wheat-sea
stood the incarnate joy.
Wild flowers crowned her. 
You can't see more beautiful.
They refer to her just as a season.
But my friend, they are wrong.
Those people can't see over their problems, 
Can't feel the wind, 
Smell the flowers,
Can't hear the birds
As they praise her over and over.
In the centre of the wheat-sea
Stood the Lady Summer.
Her friend the Sun was setting,
Saying good night to the earth.
Her golden hair swept over 
Hundreds of villages,
For the wise Summer knew
The world needed her kindness.
   Hook, Line and SinkerI dreamt of a girl beyond the water. Above the green glass sea, she dangled her feet, threw out her gaze to ripple along the surface, and waited. Her words fell like fishing lines, diving and cutting through the mosaics of blues and greens, slipping under my skin as hooks. Her tongue was a reel, tugging me faintly upwards, flying through fluid blurs and crashing into a planisphere of ivory laced clouds, golden sands, a pair of mahogany eyes. It’s funny, how falling in love with her was just like drowning in air, feeling gills shiver and water drip, the distant cries of seagulls reminding me how vulnerable I am this side of the glass. Falling in love with her was just like leaping upstream, tumbling into the dark branches of mangrove trees and seeing their roots, my branches, splinter through the horizon.
And she embraced me like a fishing net, fingers coarse as rope. Between her tightly circled arms, I saw squares of the night sky, slivers of stars and somehow I could almost conv

The oldest deviation in my Favorites:

Technological Park of Lavrio 2 by Tadobi

 The tenth deviation on page 100 of my favs:

Sunflowers by monikha

The second deviation on page 20 of my favs:

h a r m o n i o u s by creativemikey

The first deviation on page 10 of my favs:

Those ThursdaysWhat about those thursday mornings
when you'd wake up and find your ribcage door
swung open again by the nightmares
with an owl nesting, and pecking at your heart muscle?
What about those thursday mornings
and having to fold your elbows around your knees
to stop yourself from losing anything important
as the mechanics shook and shook you
and the pain cracked you, bones and blisters?
What about those tuesday afternoons
when you hear that familiar sound that makes you cry,
that hissing noise that warns you of upcoming agony
and you can taste it in your mouth again, so familiar -
what about those tuesday afternoons
when you swallow your words and the drugs
to try and stop it from coming back
but it returns just the same and against your will
you hear yourself still breathing?
What about it?
What about those hazy sunday evenings
when the fine line between oh-god-make-it-stop
and please-god-let-it-end gets blurry somehow
and you don't remember how much you drank, or what?
What about those d

The last deviation on page 30 of my favs:

1038 by AJ333Photography

The 4th deviation on page 40 of my favs:

Webmaster... by Coigach

The 18th deviation on page 50 of my favs:

:: Mental Illumination ::Emotionally strong;
Logically wise;
Imperfectly complex.

The 15th deviation on page 75 of my favs:

dancing city lights by fredericchristian

The 13th deviation on page 123 of my favs:

I N _ M Y _ D R E A M S by BlueAnomiS

All Literature deviations from page 66 of my favs:

OrigamiYou made me paper cranes,
gave me birds that couldn't fly.
I tried to teach you origami,
but your hands were clumsy
and you preferred to cut than fold.
You stapled together pieces
with glaring metal stitches;
it wasn't art, but surgery
on something we both knew was dead.
Your signature,
ligature marks
in bleeding ink
scratched in the corners,
nearly indecipherable;
the words "hate" and "love,"
they always read the same to me
(however it was written.)
I tried to teach you how to fold a heart
to place your love inside.
"I love you" (deep) inside...
But your hands were clumsy,
and they crumpled each attempt.
So you made me birds to set me free,
but they couldnt fly.
They relied upon your love,
and like origami,
it was a sense, a skill,
an art you never learned - -
but not for lack of trying.
That flock I never dared to count,
oh, you would have made me more,
(one for every day we were together)
but I was running out of sky.
They were ugly and unlucky,
misshapen, crooked, broken,
   BlasphemyHold your tongue, or I will.

My favorite deviations from page 4 of my favs:

The Prettiest StarShe touched the stone, and the stars fell down.
The world seemed to come crashing down with them, the storied tales in those fake glass stars tumbling and twirling, beautiful beacons that had brought faith to thousands; the whistling as they fell sounded like the cries of the newly hopeless.
The woman at the pedestal stood without a single twist of regret. Her posture was certain, her hands steady. Blood soaked her face, matching the crimson of her cloak as it billowed around her in the darkness, as the air filled with the white explosions of the stars around her, shattering as they sent glass splintering across the huge domed room.
"Seline, stop!" a red-haired woman screeched from the doorway, too late to stop her. She stumbled backward, shielding her eyes.
Bodies lay in the room around the pedestal Seline had just touched, broken. Their white capes were stained red, and their red-crossed shields lay shattered and abandoned. Seline's sword was stained with that blood, steaming in
    Tempest by chrisntheboat     HandwritingMy messy scribbles
with my ink pen
fill up the sheet
like hieroglyphics
that cannot be
from the sloppiness
of my handwriting
that make the
well-formed letters
seem like parts
of a 3-year-old's
but actually
messy handwriting
is a sign
a notion of
and wild thoughts
of a vivid imagination
so, I don't care if you
understand or not
(but I will care about that
for my exams)
and I will scribble these words
like a creative inner child

This Journal Skin was designed by Night-Beast

RIP Robin Williams. You made me laugh more times than I can count. 

19 deviants said Robin Williams by alexiuss


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Hey there, Prettyflour here on behalf of :iconpoeticalcondition: with the critique you requested. Wow…this is a beautiful poem. You are a great storyteller for sure. Your words are deep and kind of dark, winding their way into the tale of perceptions and growing up. My favorite thing about this is the balance- your first...

Hey there, Prettyflour here on behalf of :iconpoeticalcondition: with the critique you requested. I’ll start by answering your questions. 1. Does breaking the “I’ve given up…anything else” into its own stanza add a bigger punch? Yes, most definitely! I reread the poem- including it with the first stanza and I think you m...



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