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April 26, 2011
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Disclaimer: I own nothing.

I must take a moment to thank Jess.  She indulges me in my Twilight fantasies and helps me with my uber poor grammar, spelling and such.  Thank you Jess!

Chapter 36: Edward

There were no words to describe what was happening, and I was nothing short of astonished at what I was seeing unfold around me. My wife… She was unbelievable- truly was a goddess.  I was almost chuckling to myself.  I felt like I should have known that there was something different about her, and in a way I had; but nothing could have prepared me for that. The moment she allowed me to look into her mind, I knew I was looking at something precious.

She sat beside me radiating confidence, and to say that it was contagious would have been the biggest of understatements.  It was pouring off of her and seeping into every part of me.  The logical part of my brain knew that there was something I should have feared, but I don't.  After Bella bounced me out of her head, I managed to sneak back in for a moment and what I saw was confusing yet filled me with such hope.  Her epiphany...

Victor was not a nomad; he was a scout, one of Aro's trackers, and he had led the Volturi right to us.  My need to rip him apart was slowly tucked away behind that new fortitude.  What I saw in Bella was a light, a light so brilliant that it set my mind at ease.  We hadn't spoken about what it meant exactly, but it was something I would not question.  Aro couldn't hurt her.  No one could hurt her.  That in itself was all I needed to know.  She would be safe always.  

As soon as we reached the airport, Eleazar boarded a plane to Anchorage. I wanted him to stay with us, in order to pick his brain for any helpful information, but he longed for Carmen and for the first time ever I could sympathize with the notion. I could also feel his fear of losing her; the short time away from her had been hard on him.  I couldn't imagine letting Bella out of my sight right now, not even for a second.  So we thanked him and said goodbye.

We were on our way to a small house in Nepal, one of Carlisle's little, unknown properties, hidden on the side of a mountain in the Himalayas. I had never been there, but I had seen a memory of it through his thoughts. To the average human, the place would be nearly uninhabitable. The high altitude and frigid temperatures would be detrimental to the living body, but would not affect us and it would ensure privacy. The house was tucked away from civilization, and no roads came even remotely close to it. We had taken measures to not be easily found; our family had split up for the trip, all of us, each staying with our mates.  We were taking different means of transport, alternate routes, and using only cash in order to leave no paper trail, and there would come a point where we would have to run.  Both Bella and I had foreseen our safe arrival in Nepal, so all there was left to do was get there.

Bella and I traveled so well together. There was a great amount of physical silence, but our communication was absolutely harmonious. We were two beings thinking as one with an urgency that pushed us to move fast.  Twelve hours of traveling passed us in a blur before it was time to run.

We looked out onto the rocky terrain, covered in snow.  Bella took a deep breath and turned to face me, a simple smile coming to her lips.  She stepped behind me and snaked her arms around my chest, and I laid my hands over hers and closed my eyes to once again see the vision of our family coming together later on today.  It was comforting.  Bella squeezed me and hopped into my back, wrapping my legs around my waist.  

I could feel her smiling into my neck.  "Run."

Her voice was an endearing whisper that sent me sprinting into the mountain side.  My skin began to tingle in the spots where Bella's body met mine, but I made no attempt to read her thoughts. I just focused on how right she felt up against me, squeezing me, trying to pull me closer.  A slew of memories came rushing into my head; they were unfamiliar, like I was looking through the eyes of a stranger, a child. I realized these were Bella's memories, her human memories.  She remembered them so clearly, so vividly in her mind.

I was looking through a tiny Bella's eyes. I could feel the warm tears streaming down her cheeks. She was sad and cursing the pink tutu around her waist. I laughed out loud at the quiet rage of the eight year old Bella. She was adorable. I felt a pair of arms come around her shoulders.

"I'm not going back, Mom. I stink at ballet." Her arms crossed over her chest in protest.

"So dancing isn't your thing. The important thing is that you tried. You wanted to dance and you did, and it may not be your passion, but now you will have no regrets, no what ifs."

She fell into her mother's arms. "I am not good at anything."

"Bella, you just keep trying. One of these days, you will find where you are meant to be and what you are meant to do." She pulled the hair away from Bella's face. "Do you know what I think?"

Bella rubbed the tears from her eyes and looked up at her mother.

"I think you are destined for something great. I can feel it."

How right her mother had been.

The clarity of these images was amazing- not one human memory I had was so clear.  Everything was so young and sweet, the innocence in her soul touched me.  The memories were shifting into the present, her mind filled with regret as she remembered her beginning as a vampire.

Then it was Alice's face she remembered. Bella's hungry mind had struggled and she feared Alice, but then I had come to Alice's side and Bella looked up at me. The moment she touched me, she had felt safe. The very second my body came into contact with hers; there had been an unspoken relief- not just for Bella, but for me too, and I remembered my own need to protect her.  I made her feel safe.  I took away her fear.  The pride of it all was making me fun faster.  It was filling me with the strength to jump higher and to do it all without thought.

Bella's memories were coming faster and with more intensity.  She was showing me everything, letting me listen to her every thought.  I was witnessing her evolution.  She was showing me how to use her gift.

I'm giving it to you, Edward.  I want to give you everything.

I crouched low, feeling sheer power coursing through my body, no doubt connected to what Bella was doing.  Springing forward, we vaulted through the air and landed effortlessly onto a snow covered boulder.  I paused, breathing deeply and concentrating on the feeling of the love of my life clinging to my back and trusting me with everything.  I had never felt more connected to someone than I did at that moment.  Her memories were still coming; Bella's awe in Carlisle's restraint, along with her own self doubt, her spending time with Esme, her bonds with Alice and Rosalie, her playful relationship with Emmett, and her playing cards with Jasper. It was interesting to look back and see how they had each helped each other. They had all formed a very strong bond.

She loved everyone in our family and she loved me. God, I could feel how much she loved me, the sensation overwhelming me until I couldn't run anymore.  Bella leaned forward, her lips on my neck and I grabbed her arm, pulling her off my back and in front of me, wrapping her legs around my waist.  I held her so tightly, reveling in the feel of her holding me just as tightly.

My life was there in my arms, our bodies tangled together.  I was suddenly resolved in the acceptance that as long as I had Bella, I could handle anything else.  

"I need you," she breathed into my ear.

"I know, I saw it, I saw everything." I gripped under her chin and let my eyes bore into hers. "I can feel how much you need me.  I need you too.  I always need you."

There were no more words, just a fire building between us, which eventually became us.  It started in a frenzy, desperation in our love, but it was good, it was so good.  We both felt needy, and we selfishly indulged in each other, we were engrossed and determined to put a physical meaning to our emotional connection.

Afterward, we laid in each other's arms, Bella curling up on my side and dragging her finger up my chest and then my neck. She looked up at me curiously, moving her hand in sweeping motions around my head.

"What are you doing?"

"Eleazar's gift... It's fascinating. You heard him talking about it?"


She sat up and smiled shyly. "Your aura, it's dazzling me."

"Can I peek?"

"You're asking permission to read my thoughts?" She laughed.

"I may be able to read you at will now, but I still want you to have a sense of privacy."

Thank you. You are so sweet.  "Of course you can." She kissed my forehead.

As I looked into her mind, I saw what looked like the physical manifestation of a gift, and I saw myself through Bella's eyes.  A light came off of me and swirled around my head, revolving slowly. The movement came faster and it looked like a breeze was shifting the flow of light outward, toward Bella.  It was me reading her, my light shining on hers.

I came back into my own head and looked at Bella. I focused on her and tried to see her aura. What I saw first was a glow that matched mine, and then there was a second light, similar but it jumped around, moving quickly and reaching away from her body.  I thought it was Alice's influence, and there were other subtle changes- it was constantly changing and growing.  It was hard to know what to think of something so amazing. I was just in awe over everything.

"Am I dazzling you?" Bella's smile only made her aura radiate.

"You have completely dazzled me."  I laughed and kissed her once more before we both stood and ran into the night.

As we approached, I could hear Alice and Jasper inside. Alice met us at the door.

Please tell me you have a plan?

"Sort of."  I shrugged.

Sort of?  No wonder I can't see anything. "What are we going to do?"

"We train," Bella answered.

Jasper was pacing. "It wouldn't be wise to fight them. They outnumber us ten to one."

He turned and walked toward me. "How can you feel so sure? I can't feel an ounce of worry coming from you; from either of you."

It's The Volturi, Edward.  Are you certain this is what you want to do?

Bella stepped forward and took Jasper's hand. "Sit with me, Jazz."

They sat Indian style on the floor facing each other.  Bella took his hand and spoke softly.

"I had a long talk with Eleazar.  He told me a lot about my gift, so I have a better understanding of how to use it.  The best part of this gift is that I can give it to other people.  I'm going to teach you how to use it."

"Me too?" Alice asked.

Bella looked up at her and winked. "You know I will."

"Jazz, I want you to concentrate on me. Focus on reading my thoughts. Try to get inside my head."

He nodded reluctantly and bowed his head before looking up at her.   They began to stare at each other, both of them in deep concentration. Bella was visualizing the two of them, picturing herself surrounded in a haze of light. I watched as she pushed it down her shoulders to her arms, and then to her fingers that were intertwined with Jasper's.  The tingling sensation caught him by surprise.

"Concentrate, Jasper, I know you can feel it.  Just go with it.  Trust it."

He was very still as the misty haze spread over him, swirling around him, before settling into place as he willed himself to accept whatever she would give him.


He looked up at her in surprise.

That was it.  He could hear her thoughts.  I smiled. Pretty cool huh?

He looked over at me, his mouth hanging open a bit. Wow...

He started reading Alice's thoughts, smiling as she silently praised him.

Bella giggled. "Sit with us, Alice."

Alice jumped over and sat on Jasper's lap, her smile wide as she held her hands out for Bella. Again, I watched as Bella pushed her gift to Alice. It was positively enthralling to watch.  This time, it happened a bit differently.  The light danced over Alice, meandering around her as well as Jasper.  It didn't settle right away, it fluttered, circling all of them.

Watch... Bella whispered in her thoughts.

Bella started replaying memories for them, focusing on her memories of figuring out how to use her gift- giving Alice and Jasper all the information they needed to use it for themselves. Bella slowly let go of Alice's hand and watched as the glow around them moved just to Alice and Jasper.

"Jasper..." Alice whispered.

I can feel you.  It's so tangible now.  I can actually feel what you're feeling.  Holy shit, this is intense.

Everyone chuckled.  Bella and I looked at each other knowing that Alice and Jasper might need a moment.  They were facing each other now, reading each other's thoughts and feelings.

"Alright, you two.  Why don't you go practice?" Bella suggested.

Practice? Alice raised an eyebrow.

Bella stood, her hands on her hips with a confidence that aroused me.  "Alice, go show your man how to see the future."

Alice and Jasper moved to the corner of the room.  They instantly became preoccupied with each other, picking up each other's gifts with ease, which didn't surprise me. They had already possessed something special and they understood the concept of focus and how to will certain things.

Rose and Emmett arrived a short time later, and Rose was less than thrilled with this tiny empty house.

No electricity?

She walked away in a huff.  It was clear that she had already had words with Emmett, as he was keeping his distance.  Bella followed Rose as she walked out of the room.

"Edward, she is totally freaking out." He turned. "Jasper, a little help over here..."

Alice jumped up. "Let me do it!" She said quickly and then ran out the door.

Emmett raised an eyebrow at me.

I smiled. "It's Bella. She's teaching us how to use her gifts."

"Eleazar was right?  She can give it to anybody?"  His confused expression turned into an amused one.

"Emmett, let her deal with Rose first."

He shook his head, processing what that meant.  "Everything? She can give us everything?"

I nodded.

"What does this mean, Edward?  Are we training? You want us to fight them?"

"I don't want to fight anyone."

Jasper put his hand on Emmett's shoulder. "It may be our only option.  We run or we fight, and I say we fight.  We have a serious advantage."

Emmett laughed. "Listen up, guys.  I am all for it.   I think that Bella could probably take them all herself, but I'm looking forward to using her gifts and kicking some serious ass." He now donned a silly grin. "I'm going to enjoy being inside your head, Edward, and I am so going to mess with you, Jasper. Payback is a bitch."

He was almost giggling. Emmett didn't need much convincing. He was too wrapped up in planning sibling revenge. I reminded him that we were here for a purpose, not just for fun with powers.  He brushed me off and then I heard Rose's thoughts, and so did Jasper. He glanced over to me.

Keep a straight face, Jasper. Maintain.

Oh my god. This silent communication rocks. I don't know if I can maintain. I want to laugh so hard right now.

He turned away from me and walked over to the one window in the room.

Rose was concentrating on lifting Emmett off the ground.  Her focus was labored. It was going to take her a few tries.  Her concentration was shaky and so were Emmett's movements.  He was hoisted roughly off the ground; inches away from the ceiling before being put right back down on his feet.

There was laughter from the other room. Alice was encouraging her. Try again, Rose. You're getting it!

"Rose! Be careful." Emmett said as he was hoisted from the floor again. This time he hovered about six inches from the floor. He breathed a sigh of relief. "That's it, baby. Just keep it there. That's not so bad."

A chuckle erupted in Rosalie's thoughts. Emmett's body moved through the air slowly at first, before flying toward the wall- make that through the wall.

The laughter was immediate. Emmett stood up and scowled. "Rose! What was that for?"

"That was for yelling at me while we were running." She stepped through the hole in the wall and used her hand to wave away the dust.  She looked back at Emmett for a moment and then shook her head as she walked towards me.

"Is he always thinking something dirty?"

  I nodded.  Most of the time.

Huh. I should have known.

She turned once again to see Emmett walking back into the room.

He grinned. "It's my turn."
Disclaimer: This is a work of fanfiction, namely Twilight. Stephanie Meyer owns these characters. I own nothing.

This is an all vampire love story. No human Bella, no Jacob love triangle. Just me... playing with Stephanie Meyer's characters.

This is an AU (Alternate Universe) story with canon pairings.

Please! Tell me what you think.

Oh! and this is not beta'd so I apologize in advance for any mistakes. My grammar is sadly lacking...
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girlink Jan 26, 2013  Student General Artist
Emmett finally going to have his revenge, and is going to win. :icondignitylaughplz:!!.

Very fair.

Emmet before::icongameaddictplz::icondesperateplz::icononiontantrumplz:

Emmett after::iconsmartyplz::iconwhipplz: :iconherotimeplz:
prettyflour Jan 27, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Ha ha! Emmett is too fun!
Arabianwolflove Jan 27, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
When Edward and Bella were together, running and think, I cried. The books and movies just hit me so hard that I cry, sometimes in sadness sometimes in joy.

I quickly overcame that when Emmett flew into the wall. I could picture the entire thing!
I'm in a room with my mother so when I stopped crying all of the sudden and laughing, she jumped. Heheheheheheh

Very good! Loved it!
prettyflour Jan 28, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Crying and laughing in one chapter? Yes!
Arabianwolflove Jan 28, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I now give you the "Emotions Award"
*hands you award that is shaped like a tear*
Mind blowing great job
prettyflour May 10, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you! I'm glad to see that you're still into it!
prettyflour May 11, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
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