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January 10, 2011
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Chapter Seven:  Edward

I could not get out of the living room fast enough.  Jasper felt it immediately, but his thoughts were just laughter as I fled the room.  Emmett was still shouting thoughts at me from downstairs.

Nice Edward! Jazz says she is totally into you. I am soooooooooooo sorry about breaking up your little piano lesson.  Maybe we should move the piano into your bedroom before the next class?

I fear that I may not soon hear the end of this.   Jasper has no doubt sensed my arousal down there.  Bella being so close to me brought on an unexpected effect on my body.  She smelled so good.  I wanted to lean in and lick her neck.  

I couldn't believe my own actions.  I had never been so forward with a woman.  There was something in Bella that is bringing out of seventeen year old in me.  I was always nervous around her.  I said stupid things. I smile for no reason other than her being in the same room with me.  I am still in shock that I had the nerve to have her sit in my lap.  The whole time I just wanted to embrace her and put my hands in her hair, my lips on her skin, anywhere.

She let me hear her thoughts...   Her mind is a warm place filled with beautiful outlooks.   Yes, she is a visual thinker, the way she looked at me...   The way she remembered me...  She looked at me so adoringly.  It shocked me, it elated me.   She wanted to be closer to me, she wanted to touch me.  She knew I was listening.  It was driving me crazy, desire disrupted when Emmett and Jasper came in.  Dammit Jasper!  He had confirmed Emmett's suspicion.   They teased me until I cursed my telepathy.

My earbuds served as a nice distraction until Alice came home wielding a new Wii.  They were already bickering over what game would be played first.  Alice's suggestion of Mario Kart was ruled out by Emmett and Jasper who voted for House of the Dead.  I laughed and thanked the heavens for the easily distracted.
I laid back on the couch and closed my eyes. I could picture Bella in my head. Her eyes still black, not even a hint of gold yet. Her hair falling down past her shoulders and her enchanting scent.  A scent I could detect moving through the house, getting stronger,  she's coming upstairs.  I jumped up when she knocked at the door.  How would I face her?  I just have to be calm, keep it light, relax. I took a deep breathe.

"Come in."

She peaked her head in the doorway and slowly stepped around.   In her hands was a box, tied up with a blue ribbon.  She hesitated a moment, chewing her lower lip before she smiled and sat next to me on the couch.

"I never got a chance to thank you earlier."

"Thank you? For what?" I fein ignorance.

"My room. Esme said you put in a lot of work. I really love it and I wanted to say thank you." She looked into her lap and back up at me. "I got you something."

"What?  Bella, no.  You didn't have to get me anything.  I never mind helping Esme.  It was easy work." I kept my hands by my side resisting the urge to run my hands through my hair.  I can't believe she brought me a gift.

She rolled her eyes at me.  "Please. Putting in hardwood floors, installing windows, sheet rock, painting.  It may have been easy but it is still a lot of work.  Besides, Alice says you'll really like it." She pushed the box into my lap.

Sighing I tugged at the ribbon, removing the top and picking through the tissue paper I wondered what she could have gotten me...  curiosity burning through me.   A stack of CD's.  All Radiohead.  I couldn't help but smile.

"Alice told me that you just discovered Radiohead. They are one of my favorite bands. This is there entire discography. I wanted to share it with someone who loves music.   Like I think you do or do you really just play to pass the time?"

"It's a passion of mine," I whispered running my finger over the CDs.   "Which one should we listen to first? Which one is your favorite album?"

"Um, I'm not sure if I have a favorite." She bit her lower lip as her eyes roamed the discs. She picked up one and handed it to me. OK Computer.

"Come,"  I said taking her hand.  "Let's take a drive and listen to this in my car."

She paused squeezing my hand.  "I don't know if I want to go for a drive right now."  She was biting her lower lip again, her eyes pleading with mine.  What is she thinking?

"I'm nervous..."  She whispered.  "About going out."

"We don't have to drive any where. We can just sit and listen."

She smiled.  "OK."

Her hand still in mine, I motioned for the door.

Emmett and Jasper both blew by us in a flash leaving the front door wide open.  Then Alice bound into the room behind them.  She stopped and smiled, her thoughts a blanket of music.  "You must play with us."

"What are you playing?" I asked, intrigued even more when I realize she's blocking me.

She snatched Bella's hand away from mine, letting her fingers linger on my palm for a beat.  "Tag and you're it."


Before I could say anything Bella laughed then flew out the door.  Alice winked at me then giggled,   nothing but a unfamiliar song running through her head.
Then she ran.

I couldn't believe this.  We were playing tag?   I ran my hands through my hair and decided to let go and have some fun with this.  I bolted out the door and I knew from the scents that they were all very close.  Circling around to the back of the house, they were all there spread out at the edge of the forest waiting to spring into the darkness.  I ran toward Emmett. He may be the strongest but I can out run him easily.  I followed him east on foot before he scaled a tree and starting jumping through the treetops.   Just before I was going to jump up and follow him, I heard something above me.

Edward, what are you doing down there? Alice spoke in my thoughts.

I started to climb up but Alice had already sprung to the next tree.  She and Emmett shot down to the ground and took off toward the river.  I jumped down only to see Jasper standing about one hundred feet away to my right with a wicked grin on his face. I sprang forward and he ducked and rolled out of the way, throwing himself into a crouch.  We circled each other, both of us trying to fake each other out with false starts.  Finally, I shot forward straight for him, chasing him toward the river.  

I followed and stopped at the river bank. I saw Jasper a little ways down staring at the water. The water was calm, except for one ripple.

Jasper looked at me and thought, She's in there.

I could hear Alice and Emmett from behind me, Alice snickering and Emmett shouting, "Go get her!"

Bella.  She was in the water.  I heard Alice's voice in my head.

Take a look at this

A vision flashed in my head. It was dark, everything around me seemed to moving in slow motion. It was under the water... Bella with the most intense look on her face, she looked down into the darkness and I swam up to her, locked my arms around her and she kissed me.

I didn't need to see anymore. I ran up to where the ripple started and I jumped in. I could see surprisingly well in the dark, but I couldn't hear Bella and I couldn't smell her under water. This could be tricky.  What was it about this woman that I was uncontrollably drawn to? My mind is consumed with Alice's vision. Panicking, I swam in a frenzy. What if she got out the water?   I was planning to circle around. I swam to the left, then I heard her voice in my head.

Your getting warmer

Bella to the rescue.

That was all I needed to hear. I started swimming toward her the second that first syllable came into my mind. I swam up to see the pale of her skin glistening the moonlight. She was just below the surface.  Her hair spread out around her. Her eyes focused on me. Without breaking her gaze, I slowly wrapped my arms around her. I thought of Pyramid Song

I jumped in the river and what did I see?

Black eyed angels swam with me

She put her hands on my face and I heard her voice again.

I'm no angel

But she was... She was a beautiful black eyed angel.

Edward, I can hear you, I can hear your thoughts.  

The look on her face was one of confusion. She looked as though there was a million thoughts running through her head and suddenly I couldn't hear them anymore. The shield, it gave her the ability to hear my thoughts. My mind circled around in reactions. I just couldn't put any effort into thinking about it. I pulled Bella close to me and put my forehead onto hers. I focused on the way she made me feel. I wanted her to feel this. I wanted these emotions to rip her shield apart.

She pulled away and gave me that incredibly intense look I had been waiting for. She brought her lips to mine such great force that she pushed me backyards into the water. I didn't have to react, but my body was reacting. When I felt her push her body against me, I held her tighter. She wrapped her legs around my waist. I ran my hands threw her hair as she kissed my jaw and neck. All I can feel is bliss. I could hear her thoughts again. Her mind was a swirling pool of single words.

Perfect… Edward…
touch me… kiss me…  

and then she started thinking about Pyramid song. She remembered it perfectly. She brought her head to my chest and let me listen to the song in her head. We lay underneath the water holding each other. Locked in this moment by a perfect soundtrack. She lifted her head and looked into my eyes once again.  She mouthed the words to the song.

There was nothing to fear and nothing to doubt
Disclaimer: This is a work of fanfiction, namely Twilight. Stephanie Meyer owns these characters. I own nothing.

This is an all vampire love story. No human Bella, no Jacob love triangle. Just me... playing with Stephanie Meyer's characters.

This is an AU (Alternate Universe) story with canon pairings.

Please! Tell me what you think.
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I have to say, I agree!
prettyflour Mar 26, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Hee hee! SO glad you're enjoying. READ ON!
Its probably best if I start from the beginning though, so I'll go there first >.<
prettyflour Mar 27, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
I hope you like the rest as much as this chapter!
I think I'm up to chapter 19. I LOVE IT!!! <3
prettyflour Mar 29, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Woo Hoo!
19India96 Feb 5, 2011
so beautiful!
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