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G is for Green

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 9, 2017, 12:46 PM

Today I am celebrating the color green.

Drop 11 by Ozimek2099

Spring by Mayolika-Das

Melting in green by LidiaRossana

Pyromancers by 1oshuart

Fragility by andokadesbois

Day 33 of 365 by MysticSparkleWings

Happy Birthday George... by 1001G

Aina by Lei-Mizuhime

Simplicity II by AlejandroCastillo

sunny little world by prismes

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Beautiful Creatures in Black and White

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 12, 2017, 5:43 AM
Welcome to a new edition of my Beautiful Creatures Series.
Today we celebrate the beauty of creatures captured in black and white photography.

Lil' Ellee..... by DeoIron

tortoise by RRfantasia   The meow of my life by a3t3rnum

My Mom and Me. by oro-elui

 1709 by RJG-photos    Big Brother by MutedDreams

Ease. by Echtzeit10

Saying Goodbye by RudiVanDenHeever

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Haiku FTW

Journal Entry: Fri Mar 10, 2017, 4:43 AM
Last month was National Haiku Month and there were many, MANY beautiful haikus written in celebration.   Here are just a few that deserve a shout out, in my humble- haiku-loving opinion.

Immortal Now Fallen (Haiku)Immortal Fallen
Torn feathers tumble;
Angels follow, now mortal,
Rain falls as God mourns.

by   :iconmagicaljoey:   MagicalJoey

Winner of :iconpoets-and-warriors:  Celestial Haiku Contest.

IcarusWith faith in magic
Icarus takes to the skies
on melting wax wings.

by :iconnightshade03:  Nightshade03

Winner of :iconpoeticalcondition:'s Magical Haiku Contest.

Reunion“How?” she asks, mid-smile
Stray sisters, hemispheres parted
“The wind carried me.”

by   :iconharperq:   HarperQ

2nd place winner of :iconpoeticalcondition:'s Magical Haiku Contest.

We Surviveof smoke and fire
we are made to withstand life
through the darkest times

by  :iconinsomniawriter:   InsomniaWriter

Winner of :iconhaikuwrimo:'s Week four Contest.

F is for Fiction

Journal Entry: Sun Feb 26, 2017, 5:37 AM

SO MUCH good fiction being written and posted here on DA.  Want to see some?

Driftwood - Day 7Algernon's cheek lies against the beach. There’s grit in his eyes, sand in his mouth. His throat could only be drier if it were sand. As he crawls away from the surf licking at his feet- he managed to lose a shoe and half his breeches- he comes slowly into full consciousness.
“El diablo,” he whispers, remembers the lashing tentacles ripping his ship in two. Through blurry eyes, he sees one half of his ship, a very fine aft, balanced precariously atop a sheer cliff before him.
Clutching his side with a shaking hand, he remembers his most trusted friend ripping his cutlass through Algernon’s flesh.
The storm howls about them, the ship bucking on the waves, steel spilling Algernon’s blood across the deck of his own ship. A tentacle grasps Miguel, who still screams nonsense like a madman.
“I see you for what you are, devil!” he seems not to know what coils around is waist, or that he is being hoisted in the air like a toy. The tentacle lashes ba

The Business of Dreams“So what’s the pitch?” asked Harper as he strode into the room. “This better not be a waste of my time like last time.”
Swallowing his annoyance, Victor took a seat at the meeting table. They’d been waiting almost an hour for the asshole to make an appearance but sure, they were wasting his time. “I'll leave that for you to decide sir,” he said in his most neutral tone. “But we think it has potential.” He glanced at Sophie, the other dream tech in the meeting room who took that as her cue to begin.
“This one’s a sci-fi,” Sophie said, “Nothing too freaky. Take a look Mr. Harper.” She swiveled in her chair to face the large touch screen in front of her, adjusted her glasses and keyed up one of the images that had been recorded less than twelve hours ago.   
The screen showed a set stage for a kid’s television show. This particular set was of a garage with kitschy objects mount

Punctured“Car,” said the bicycle, “we need to talk.”
“Oh, Assembly-Robot. Oh, exhaust. It’s one of those talks, isn’t it?” said the car. “About our relationship.”
“Yes. The thing is…” The bicycle hesitated. “I think we both just need a bit more space.”
“Oh.” The car looked around the garage. “It does need a bit of a clear-out. They could get rid of that old TV for a start…”
“No. No,” said the bicycle. “I’m talking about emotional space.” It sighed. “We both knew this was coming. Don’t get me wrong, it’s been a lot of fun. I really enjoy it when I’m strapped to your rack—”
“Will you keep your voice down,” said the car.
“—but anyone can see how well you’ve been getting along with the new moped. And sometimes… Sometimes I just feel like a third wheel.”
The car

The PharmacyThe store was empty that morning in a way that didn't seem right. Jim looked up from the pharmacy counter and did a quick head count. There should have been at least a dozen people around the store by now, but he could only see the tops of three heads, and they all seemed to be together. He lifted the phone and called the front, but no one picked up. He gave it at least six rings, then hung up and paged them instead.
"Front end, please call the pharmacy department."
He hung the phone up again and waited. Those three customers in aisle two weren't moving around much. "C'mon," he muttered, staring at the phone. It didn't ring.
Jim pulled out his cell phone to see if he missed a text from them. Doctor Miller should have been in by now too, and where the hell are Melissa and Frank?
"Jesus," he said, deciding it wasn't worth worrying about. He sat down and went back to his paperwork, telling himself not to worry. At some point though, he realized the store's music had gotten louder,

Last Night, I Dreamed That We DiedThis was it. They were searching the house – his father, his younger brother and sister, thank God they were far away. It was just he and his mother… and the others. The ones who wouldn’t let go of the past, the ones who insisted the future was darker with him in it. He knew they would fall in the end. Change would overwhelm them like a glacier: far, far too slow, but unstoppable. He only wished that stopped the fact that they were going to kill him.
“Are you scared?” He asked his mother, as the footsteps grew louder and a rifle started chattering, far too close. She didn’t have time to answer – he saw the muzzle flashes first, hundreds a second, from around the corner. The bullets were moving too fast to track with eyes alone, but their effect on her was immediate; she fell to one side and didn’t move, and the wall was red. Absentmindedly, he realized with regret that after so much work to bring them all under one roof again, his family

The Moral Ethics of Subtle IronyAuburn strands spool across her shoulder blades; spindles of fire-silk setting her ablaze.
Her real name was Scarlet but I'd only ever heard people refer to her as Red. The first time I saw her cherrywood curls I felt  my face wrinkle up in wry scrutiny. Does she purposely color her hair that ostentatious shade or is it  natural?  If so, her parents possess a keen sense of irony.
Months later we were guzzling Stolichnaya in a musty garage.  Rotted beer cans shuddered as I slammed the bottle onto a workbench riddled with cigarette burns.  Her freckled phalanges groped negligently towards the vodka. She then pulled it to her lips, and proceeded to spill copious amounts in an attempt to ingest the liquid.  I eyed her scrupulously, pondering the moral ethics of providing a minor with alcohol, but then her cheeks creased into a coy smile and I realized I don't give a shit.
"You're always so stoic." She says with droplets drizzling down her chin.

Aurora BorealisI always wanted to watch the Lights. Greens and golds, blues and purples storming, shimmering – dancing across the night like nymphs chasing butterflies. A decadent canvas of light and wonder peering down at me as I gaze into infinity, the eternal beauty of a universe billions of years old and greater than my poor mind could ever contemplate. As they sashay their way across the midnight sky, colours bouncing off the snow like tiny mirrors throwing rainbows across the room; all I can think about is how simple everything is. If you stand still for a moment, you can observe as the entire world moves around you: a chorus of raucous chaos and cacophony that breathes life into every dark space. You can see that as life is made more and more intricate, it is not in fact complex. We just make it that way. We hide ourselves in our fortresses of solitude, behind masks and medications and vices, and we pretend to be whatever we think we are meant to be. And the people who decide what others

The HuntShawn crept into the night.  The door made a soft click as he gently closed oak door.  His parents probably known that he  was leaving into the darkness until the crack of dawn approaches but he dosen’t care.  His parents would probably care more but he receives excellent grades in school and in attendance so his parents say nothing.  Besides it was one of those nights
Adopted at the age of three, Shawn began to display his differences.  The moon cycles came and went that first month he was at his new home and that’s when his parents noticed that things got a little hairy.  Fur in thick patches grew from his doughy peach colored skin.  The fur as dark as his hair covered Shawn from head to toe.  Little claws pointed into formation across where  his nails were.  Instead of being flimsy the nails were now as hard as steel.  His parents watch the transformation transfixed on their bundle of joy as he slept.  Slow

Last GoodbyeMay I hold you?
He extended his hand to her, praying she would take his offer. No words passed between them as time ticked by. She studied him, trying to read his thoughts. A smile formed on her lips as she placed her hand in his. Carefully, he lifted her from the chair and wrapped an arm about her small waist. He held her close; her perfume filled his senses with a flood of happy memories. Like all the ones before, he wanted this moment to be imprinted – forever.
May I be your shield?
Gently guiding her around the room, he noted her fragile figure. It made his heart cry. They had been through so much, and he was not ready to accept this as the end. She had fought hard through every obstacle; defying the odds at every turn. The pit in his stomach told him she no longer had the same push anymore; the same battle stance to take it all on. As his heart lowered to the floor with the ultimate realization, he looked deep into her eyes. The sparkle, though faint, was still

A Light in the DarkAnd there it was. Right above the horizon.
As the sun dipped low and day fell into its nighttime stupor, he felt uplifted. At peace. Like he could die at that moment and everything would be okay.
He reached out and caressed the moon. His fingers traced the outline of its full shape. The stars raced across the night sky leaving him stunned by their effervescent light. Here one minute, gone the next as they chased each other across the galaxy.
His hand fell to the cold wet grass. This was it.
He felt the pain course outward from his chest. Pumping further out towards his limbs with each heartbeat. With jagged breath he brought his hand to his heart. His warmth was bleeding through his jacket. Soaking into the grass. The very essence of him escaping and becoming one with the earth once again.
It wasn’t as terrifying as he thought it would be. Just lonely. But then what did he expect? He was making this journey alone. No amount of company could change that.
He took in another pained

HaikuWriMo's Week Three Contest Winner

Journal Entry: Sat Feb 25, 2017, 5:22 AM

:iconhaikuwrimo: just announced their Week Three Contest Winner!

Check out this awesome haiku written by :iconhaijinik:    haijinik

the seasons' family treeThis and That's children-
-Hot and Cold's parents

Some crazy good stuff being written for these contests.  Check it out here:…

Happy HaikuWriMo everyone!  

Tell many haikus have you written this month?

Haiku Challenge Winners

Journal Entry: Sat Feb 18, 2017, 1:25 PM

HaikuWriMo 2017

Journal Entry: Fri Feb 10, 2017, 5:22 PM

Happy National Haiku everyone!

I take part in HaikuWriMo- writing a new haiku every day in February.   These people do too!

2017 HaikuWriMo1 Time
Tic toc, time moves on
to a place no one can reach.
It's one step ahead.
2 The Girl
She in her red dress
dances away with passion,
asking you to join.
3 Every Morning
How many times can a
lark make the doberman bark?
Their morning antics.
4 Shield
Brick by brick I build
you up. Your walls are sturdy.
They will keep me safe.
5 Crybaby
Ungrateful features
fall from the slightest, even
if given the world.
6 Clouds
Sweet white cotton in
thy ears, and peaceful warmth
makes you quite content.
7 Green
Green stars outside your
window. Sleepy reminders
of a time long still.
8 Too Much
It's overheating
the system; initiate
the cooling ice age.
9 In Hiding
Ink spots that don't drip
when the rain falls hard. Whiskers
twitch from a hollow.
10 Crickets
Night has now fallen.
There is pure silence. The loud
crickets are missing.
11 Not a Bird
Scale by scale she weaves
it forward. In the shining
dawn the chick will hatch.
12 Red Velvet
Red chocolate made
for love. But in the end, isn't
it just c

     HaikuWriMo 20172/28
dead but for the roots
anticipating new leaves 
on the ivy
new moon
searching all night 
for a lost love
breath from the sun
in-between winter draughts
frosty breaths
souls stolen
by the cold
sun's last touch
trees aflame
with no fire
fooled again
Canada geese decoys
down by the pond
ghosts ingrained
wisps and whisperings
in old wood
cloud-shadow islands
puddle and drift
Italian cypress 
in the cemetery
silent sentinels
a hawk's flight
through sheets of sleet
no nest is warm
   sunny butterfly
'round a blue-bottle tree
spring's spirit let loose
taste of her lip gloss
still lingers from their last kiss
tea is left to cool
trip for groceries becomes
an epic journey
acres of farmland
developed into suburbs
we're eating Chinese
sprinkling of stars
crumbs fallen from a bite
of moon cookie
cloudy night
if it weren't for fireflies
we'd have

          HaikuWriMo 20171. ice fishing
rainbow koi paint trails
in a backyard pond
while cat skates thin ice above
2. Rorschach musings
homemade lava lamp:
vinegar and oil churn Rorschachs
in plastic bottles
3. bathing rituals
toasted sugar wafts
from pruned fingertips:
lotion after hot baths
4. commuting weather
fluffy flakes rendezvous
with black asphalt
as wet tires slur sluggishly
5. cloud curtains
day shines a flashlight
through thick folds of curtain:
a break in the clouds
6. shower scents
morning bliss and peppermint meringue;
hot water runs rivulets
down aching muscles
7. backyard at night
outside closed windows
a loud, maniacal laugh:
ducks at rest on a pond
8. morning murder
tiny black specks
smeared across ridged fingertips:
squashed ants
9. Sahara tongue
patched and parched,
desert crevices fill quickly
as water falls
10. stroke of day
mother moon jolts awake
surrounded by blue sheets;
day terrors
11. alligator heels

                                                           HaikuWriMo 2017Day 1:
rust and cobalt hang
overhead; barley and oat
rise to greet them.
Day 2:
undress your fears and
let me lead you into the dark;
the wolf and the fawn
Day 3:
your trinkets fail to
sustain when the emptiness
calls you home
Day 4:
you let the bad in
to become overgrown;
the thistle and the weeds
Day 5:
the dawn drips vibrant reds
and golds across the morning;
a skyward canvas
Day 6:
I am asleep under the frost,
and there is silence in my soul
as I wait for spring.
Day 7:
the rain came in waves
as the sky opened up
to sing its hymn
Day 8:
words fall from these
scarlet fingertips;
they measure out [her] fragments
Day 9:
naked winter trees
line up in a row
under a blanket of snow 
Day 10:
vibrant flowers dance in
the breeze of the countryside;
ethereal and divine.
Day 11:
memories settle like dust
into her old home;
their decay a marker
of uncounted days. 
Day 12:
you color me irrelevant
and I let the words linger;
they found a home underneath.
Day 13:
Soft sunlight casts

                                            2017 February HaikuWriMo5 Erasing Hate
      subway passengers
   working together
      to erase hate
4 Temple of the Sun
      a whole city
   lining up for morning mass —
      temple of the sun
3 For The Birds
      out on the ice
   groups of geese square off —
      cold war
2 Cannonball!
      leaping off the ice
   a duck splashes merrily —
      sun-warmed waters

                                                                                                 HaikuWriMo - 20171 - Eagle Flight

Power, it pulses
in the beat of wings –
   Free spirit, fly
2 - Paeonia
Honoured beauty,
I bow to your grace –
   Love, a stranger
3 - Shooting Star
An icy heart,
how it warms in the sun –
   Everything falls
4 - Hope
Paper dreams,
they fly from human hands - 
    Cranes of hope
5 - Sol et Luna

Mirroring bright,
she captures his rays, bathing us
   in their shared light
6 - Astronauts
they swim with celestial grace –
   Goldfish astronauts
7 - Lady Winter
it slips into my veins –
   Lady Winter returns
8 - City Lights
Golden light
illuminates the city dark –
   Guide me home
9 - Rosa
Torn by love,
I will blossom again
   ever stronger
10 - Robin's Glory
Yellow rays of sun
light the earth with hope –

           haikuwrimoomirwukiah 2017 - completeI
hi, my name is chris,
and i am an elihphile.
wow! i just said that!
i'd run from my dad,
but never from my father:
since i was a tot
i've suffered ailihphilia;
i loved my mom lots.
she knocks -tattarrattat-
and sees no one's home.
"i am afraid, dear,
that i feel evitative,"
she said timidly.
"tut-tut," said bob.
"you shouldn't be a revver,
you'll break your racecar."
is a kayak best
when boating with a kazak?
perhaps a kelek?
i, with words, make real
that which is merely abstract;
i, reifier.
it is not our clay,
but our seities that matter;
focus, then, inward.
i fled from my thoughts,
but i'm denned within my mind,
trapped in my captors.
pass that pipe, my friend.
i don't smell kinnikinnik...
in  the best of ways.
i'll repaper my notebook...
it'll need a facelift.

                                A Haiku collectionNeed a coffee break
Wake me up with some caffeine
Say no to decaf  
Tired, so tired
When can I go back to sleep
I’m yawning all day
Parades; deck the town
Bands from Louisiana
Party anyhow
New Orleans this isn’t
And not Fat Tuesday either
But it’s Mardi Gras
Love the warm weather
There is no need for a coat
Hope it stays like this
Through the looking glass
Is a very different world
Do you dare explore?
The bold bird strutting
Fanning out his tail feathers
Looking for a mate
Turn the page again
Just one more chapter, I swear
Then I’ll go to sleep
Bring the curtain down
The actors will take their bows
The show is over
Stuck inside today
Soon I’ll be free to enjoy
The pretty weather
Poetry is fun
Counting syllables again
As well as lines; words
It’s too cold outside
I wish it would get warmer
I really hate cold
I want to count stars
What an impossible task
To do in one night
Vampire wine and
A plethora of movies
Pull out the black clothes

                  HaikuWriMoDay 01:
Our love, like pancakes
home-made and golden and sweet
topped with maple sauce
Day 02:
Dancing with the stars
in orbit around the sun
our wings - still melting
Day 03:
Little devil, dance
with fire in the library
light makes better reading
Day 04:
Live it like a dog:
if it's not fun and not food
take a piss and leave!
Day 05:
Plenty of trees
summer's perfume dances here
still some see no forest.
Day 06:
Growing Up
While he was watching
before his eyes she became
someone so different
Day 07:
blackened skies darkened
by crow wings
Day 08:
Silence on the train
no talking, just rustling coats
on monday morning.
Day 09:
Between gray concrete
buildings, just a hint of green
synthetic turf
Day 10:
Second-hand thrill
In front of the screen we're safe
from the monsters within.

                                                                                 Haikuwrimo Feb201728
signs of spring
longer evenings
and shedding horses
still day
quiet house
cats asleep
old bridle
another piece
slow falling snow
a blanket
silencing the street
tiny tiny tan moth
blends into the floor
baffling cats
February fire season
I worry
what August will be like
22 for Amy
gnarled apple tree
bent by the snow
of a hundred years
clouds slowly climbing
the mountain
midnight thunder-
kitten chasing her tail
in the bathtub
February haiku
should be about snow
not grass fires and short sleeves
once a Ute winter camp
our hiking trail
overlooks the cement plant
smell of bacon lingers
even the next day
I am hungry
winter rose bush
nothing but thorns
a windblown shirt blooms
after evacuation
time to go home-
my horse won't leave his new friend
dancing in the kitchen
to rediscovered song
funky funky
jeans still smell like smoke
once more
through the wash
side by side
dressage show horses
and shaggy backyard donkeys
last check on the

Stop by :iconhaikuwrimo: for haiku prompts and contest galore this month!   :heart:


Oldies but GOODies

Journal Entry: Fri Feb 10, 2017, 10:08 AM

Today I am featuring some of the first deviations I ever faved.  They've been around for a while but they still deserve a little love.

Check em' out.   :heart:


Burn the sky 4th by bast-86

Identites - Cortex by Kaalam

Ambrosia by purplerosePage of Poison by Muddy-On-Fire

ShadowDance by Hengki24

The Silent Sun by theflickerees

Azud de Oro by Alobasalamander by sassaputzin

'that's all folks' by IntroIntro

Enchanted forest by ricky4

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HaikuWriMo Week One Contest Winner!

Journal Entry: Thu Feb 9, 2017, 12:20 PM

We want to share the winner of :iconhaikuwrimo:'s first contest this month.

Please show this wonderfully talented deviant some LOVE.

Beckoning LightsSewn into the sky
Patterns of fire and light
Singing of new life

by :iconinsomniawriter:   InsomniaWriter

All of the incredible entries can be found here:…

Thank you and happy National Haiku Month!  :heart:

It's Haiku time

Journal Entry: Sun Feb 5, 2017, 8:56 AM

Happy National Haiku Month everyone!

I, for one, will be writing lots haikus. :heart:

Over at :iconhaikuwrimo: there will be weekly contests and prompts!
CONTEST TIME! Week One Hello everyone and Happy HaikuWriMo! I deeply apologize for this late contest start and I will offer 100 MORE points for this week's contest!
We are happy to announce our first contest. We will be having one each week this month!
The theme for our first contest is....
We are challenging you to write a haiku that fits this theme, but please feel to interpret at will. We LOVE creativity!
We will pick one winner each week. Each winner will receive 200 points and features by :iconprettyflour:, :iconpoeticalcondition:  and :iconpoets-and-warriors:
Entries can be submitted here:
Let's talk about the rules for a moment.
Your entry MUST be a haiku- no exceptions.
Entries should fit the theme of fantasy.
You can submit one entry per contest.
Please mention this contest in the description of your entry please.  
The deadline for submitting is Thursday February 9th 2:

Over at :icondeviantsgallery: they will be having haiku challenges through the month. Here's the first one:

Challenge #32- A Haiku Challenge Winners!And now we have the VERY BEST of our Haiku challenge.    :heart:

by   :iconfarren-wintersstudio:   Farren-WintersStudio

by   :iconsaiun:     saiun
Congratulations and thank you to everyone who participated!
Stay tuned for our next challenge!
In honor of National Haiku Month, our 32nd challenge is for you to write us a Haiku.  
In our recent poll it was decided to leave the theme open, so write us a haiku about whatever you want. The sky is the limit!
Here are the rules:
-leave us a comment here with a link to your creation.
-mention this challenge in the description of your deviation.
-this can be any type of Haiku- the traditional 5-7-5 is cool, but we will accept any Haiku form.
-the deadline is February 15th.
We will pick two deviations to be featured in our 'Best Of' folder along with 50 points each!
Happy Haiku Writing!

Here is a few new haikus that I've stumbled upon that I wanted to share. :heart:

Day 1rust and cobalt hang overhead;
barley and oat rise to greet them.
    extra-solar searchesas i enter the trees, my mind and
soul doppler-shift. my mind recedes
back into a low thrum and blue-cum-green
light; my soul slips forward into a
high warble and a red-cum-brown glow.
in between
is seen life's wobble
in orbit.

the masks are slipping
as we say goodbye
    Skirlin my headlights
snow swirling
the road invisible

Over at :iconpoeticalcondition: they are having a haiku contest!

Magical Haiku Contest Winners!It gives me great pleasure to announce the winners of our Magical Haiku Contest!  Let's give a big ole congratulations to...
1st place winner

by   :iconnightshade03:   Nightshade03
2nd place winner:

by   :iconharperq:   HarperQ
You can check out all of the FANTASTIC entries here:
Thank you to everyone who participated.  I hope you all had a wonderful HaikuWriMo!   :heart:
Hello everyone and happy National Haiku Month!
In celebration we are holding a contest. A magical haiku contest!
That's right, our theme for this contest is Magic.
100 points to the 1st place winner!!   50 points for the 2nd place winner.
The rules:
-The deadline for this contest is March 1st.
-You must mention this contest in your description.
-haikus only please, but any form of haiku is acceptable, it doesn't have

Over at :iconpoets-and-warriors: they are having a haiku contest too!

Celestial Haiku Contest Winners!It gives me great pleasure to announce the winners of our Celestial Haiku Contest!  Let's give a great big congratulations to...
1st place winner:

by    :iconmagicaljoey:
2nd place winner:

by :icontatlntael:     tatlntael
You can check out all of the FANTASTIC entries here::
Thank you to everyone who participated.  I hope you all had a wonderful HaikuWriMo!    :heart:
Hello everyone and happy National Haiku Month!
In celebration we are holding a contest. A celestial haiku contest!
We found the following definitions of celestial:
- positioned in or relating to the sky, or outer space as observed in astronomy. "a celestial body"
- belonging or relating to heaven.
- supremely good.
Write us a celestial haiku and win prizes!
100 points to the 1st place winner!!  50 points for the 2nd place winner.
The rules

and hey, check out my newest haiku. :heart:

artificial and unrequitedmy butterfly friend
who flies away when it rains
please don’t let me rust

Have you written any haikus yet this month? If you have, please share. Leave me some links in the comments and give me some great new haikus to read. :)

Let's take a trip

Journal Entry: Mon Jan 30, 2017, 10:11 AM
a trip through my favorite deviations.

These are the reasons I spend my time on DA. The beautiful things I find are nothing short of inspiring. 

My latest favorite.  A gorgeous drawing.

The Princess and Her Tree by Mokinzi

My oldest favorite. A wonderful photograph.

Pursuit of happiness by UgurDoyduk

A couple of fantastic watercolors hanging out on page 4.

Side Effects by jaybgillesTill Blues had me Reds by jaybgilles

4 random deviations from page 44

n o c t u r n a l by creativemikey

Paper thinWaiting for that salty breeze
to carry my feather like weight
and one morning I will hug the shore
and kiss the bits of that sand as they call
You are home
Broken, paper thin memories
Rusty laughter rings again
We waited
you came
My eyes full of cotton clouds
and I lay there, my heart at peace
and I dream
Silver Lady (Dabali Shairi)Silver Lady
Oh silver lady, lend me wings
      so I may fly on unrestrained.
Oh silver lady, let me fly
      to heights that are yet unattained.
Oh silver lady, give me grace
      to fight the demons so ingrained.
Oh silver lady, help me live
      this life that so far I’ve not maimed.

Enlight by SPRSPRsDigitalArt

All the literature deviations from page 111

Past the Break (of Dawn)Till the pain of loneliness is gone 
Lie with me, say that it's not wrong.
You fever for more than my skin alone,
So I'll sing you one of my nonsense songs.
Gently I sweep your hair from your eyes;
It falls like dark waves and shadows your brow.
For you I'd be strong, but tonight we've shed lies,
Shed pretensions, dropped our masks after our bow.
I swear by this moment to keep my arms 'round you tight,
If you swear by something sacred to do the same.
You don't have to fear, I won't leave you in the night. 
(I wonder, when you're old, will you remember my name?)
No one really hears my aching soul the way you do.
Why must the dawn break and the night have to fall?
There are no words as to why it breaks my heart in two;
With my empathetic lenses, keen and dark, so does it all.
If you will only say to me, with all honesty, "Please stay,"
We'll see hope need not shatter with the morning sun.
Help me take this life day by day --
For lives nearly gone need something d
Roots, Roses.I cannot plunge my roots where only thorns grow;
in the Winter, I choose not to sleep -
for, once you reach the bottom,
I have learned
the only way left is
I cannot grasp the soil that chooses to reject
the sun and water offered them -
but rather, would bask in its own
salt-water secretions.
My soul has drawn itself to the light, and in the light
I may live.
I cannot thrive, nor even dwell, with those who reject
the Sun.

Haunting in America File One 

It wasn't as if she was five anymore, but her face smashed against the window of the plane gave Naru the impression that she was acting five ... and not her age. Mai couldn't see anything while the plane was in the air, but she was excited none the less. No, it wasn't the first time she's been on a plane. But, it was the first time she's left the country. Nineteen years and she has never left Japan. It couldn't have been helped though. She never had the money to leave. Technically, she didn't even pay for this plane ticket. It was through SPR that she was able to visit the United States. She detached her face from the window before giving her boss the most childish grin that he could have come to mind. It was painfully obvious that she was excited about visiting a new country. Naru uncrossed his legs, sat straight and gave Mai a look. She 'eeped' before looking out the window as if she had done nothing wrong
You Belong To MeThere is a spell on your soul.
I can hear the broken church bells.
There are those eyes I can see;
In your soul when you burn.
Something was bleeding;
When you fell into the coffin.
Your spoken words;
Are almost like a lost sheep in a grave yard.
Your eyes;
They bleed like a lost soul in the bowels of shattered glass.
Only because you belong to me.
Every time it rains;
I can hear your screams of pain in the distance.
When there is lightning;
I can see your tears falling from the angry clouds.
There is the rich;
And there is the poor.
One is a filthy liar with no feeling.
The other;
Is put down for trying to receive the love she needs.
Can you breath in the alcohol now?
Only because you are mine.
Can you breath now?
Can you read your own thoughts?
Do you grieve over empty love?
Dead doves lay out in the empty streets on the horizon.
Bleed now.
Someone broke your heart;
And shattered it with hatred.
You always scream;
"Can someone put my heart back together?"
That is the curse.
Because y

A bad ass photo manipulation from page 200

Deliberation by Aegis-Illustration

Random Devil Spy!

Devil Spy 51 by Jaymzeecat

Kick Ass Fan Art!

Over the Garden Wall by CorinneRoberts

 and last but certainly not least, a few beautifully written poems.

Glass Heartplease put my glass heart
back in the box
it doesn't need to be touched
it doesn't need your fingerprints
I never should have taken it out
to show how it glittered like diamond
when it is
fragile as ice
it doesn't need to be polished
it doesn't need to be dusted
I regret letting you lift it
into your hands like an egg
don't drop it
don't crack it
don't break it
wrap it in soft fabric
and tuck it in a velvet box
and close the drawer
extinguishing all light
there are many types of fire                              a
                     is quite
                   in how it
                     to the


In Loving Memory of Damien GrimOh, my heart. I've slowly been becoming more active here, but I didn't see the news until belatedly that inknalcohol has passed away. I ... hurt. This journal, with all its ups and downs, literary cameos, and admittedly somewhat irreverent jokes, is my tribute to him.
I met Damien in summer 2014 when he was still a CV and I was still recovering from my rail platform accident. He preferred to feature mostly prose, but I decided to send him a poem because the story in it ... holy crap. I didn't even know him, but something told me he'd appreciate it.

And that was how we became friends. Any story that spoke deeply to me, whether in prose or in verse, I sent to him. He was very tolerant of me, and I dare say I got him to like poetry a bit. ;)

But I promise I wasn't a defiant bastard all the time.


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E is for Edward Scissorhands

Journal Entry: Thu Jan 26, 2017, 5:50 PM
I watched Edward Scissorhands the other day.  What a fantastic movie.

Here's a little fan art that honors this incredible character.

#108 Edward Scissorhands by Picolo-kun

Edward Scissorhands by FuzzyBuzzy

Edward Scissorhands by Dr-Horrible

Edward Scissorhands Splatter Drawing by AtomiccircuS

Edward Scissorhands- Marker by ChristopherStevens

Edward Scissorhands - Play Boy Book by senyphine

Edward Scissorhands by nandamicole

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Beautiful Bokeh

Journal Entry: Fri Jan 20, 2017, 4:08 PM

Because it's pretty.


Shutterbug by deathmunkey

Circles by Jenni77

Into the light by SuperGirlSwag

Golden Bokeh by Purple20

Sunbath by PerryDesign

The keeper II by Piscisvolantis

Colors of Christmass II by PaVet-Photography

Crystal Christmas by DesmondKean    Celestial by Nelleke

Pasqueflower by ElyneNoir

Rebirth by JenFruzz

DFC 2016

Journal Entry: Fri Jan 13, 2017, 2:33 PM
Hello everyone,

    I hope you all are enjoying 2017 so far.  :heart:

        Today I am featuring works written for :iconprojectdfc:'s December Forms Challenge 2016.  There was some FANTASTIC poetry written this year. Here are some of my favorites.  

Rainbow of RosesThey say that roses are red, but
Never forget roses can be:
Orange, pink, yellow, white, and more –
Different, but just as vibrant
Shifting SeasonsOnce October’s orange and brown quilt of trees
Cover each horizon-hugging hill and valleys of old,
Trembling like bare-backed ballerinas in the breeze,
Frail foliage falls and coils to hide from the biting cold –
Waiting while winter kisses the expectant Earth once more.
Shuddering, leaves fall from festering branches to the dirt floor
As crisp snow sinks softly to the soil, sparkling in the pale sunlight
And the crooning Christmas carolers roam through the world of white.

Oceanic DreamsWaves kissing the shore
Lull me deep into the sea,
A dream to explore

Three Holes in the Wall (DFC #17- Three Miracles)One hole for the lying boss who let me go in the name of "downsizing".
One hole for the cheating whore who was once the girl of my dreams.
One hole for the fricking robbers who left me with nothing but a lumpy chair to sit in.

Winter's SolaceSnowflakes swirl on the light breeze, dancing about gracefully.
Winter wonderland unfurls, dressing the land lavishly
in silk-spun threads of glitter, with icy fingers warmly
molding the surrounding land, to reflect sunlight brightly.
The snowflakes line my body, dewdrop kisses along skin
and silky strands of long hair, melting from my heat within.
My heart warms with thoughts of you, and the time that we played in
our own private universe; your song and my violin.
Melody guiding my hand, I had steadied the bow strings,
listening to your sweet voice, while we composed sublime things.
You song took root in my heart, and there it endlessly sings
with unconditional love, unmatched by the wealth of kings.
CantamosAs the snowflakes fall upon the Earth,
the final chapter closes.
Mourning while they say their last goodbyes,
they cover you with roses.
Yes, they cover you with roses
and sing bittersweet songs without cease
to slip you softly into the ground
so you may finally be at peace.

DFC 2016 #9 - The EintouWisdom
I'm yours.
Together we
Live like fish in water –
Apart we are a dry river –
Be with me always, please,
So I may have

DFC 2016 Day 7: Daughter UniverseThe moon shed more tears
    on that arduous night,
although she would never
    admit it.  To see
her daughter in love with a
    child of the light
compounded her heartache, for
    he, too, loved me.
Oh, son of day, verisimilitude
    may yet insist
that sun and moon and you and I
    can never coexist.
Thus fate contrives to separate us in this
    world of ours,
but I will build a boat of dreams to cross the
    sea of stars.
DFC 2016 Day 16: Supernova      "The sun will rise tomorrow", we say,
as if we are not the ones completely at its mercy.
DFC 2016 Day 8: Stand GuardThe day is done; the world is cold.
A lonely heart is an atoll
that may surrender to the night
to drift weightless among the shoals
when anguish takes its cruel toll
and sighs, "Surrender to the night".
What song may mend a broken soul?
What hymn may contrive to console
to not surrender to the night?
And yet, the stars will still unroll
and diamonds form inside of coal;
they won't surrender to the night.
Compassion may as yet cajole
the broken bits to be made whole.
Do not surrender to the night!

LandaySmell not the blooming flower
Whilst the bee is still perched upon it

Metaphorically, of CourseHe wrote without hope
Ink fades, his sorrow made
A noose from a rope.

D is for Daenerys

Journal Entry: Sun Jan 1, 2017, 11:43 AM
Daenerys Targaryen

A total, dragon-lovin bad ass.

Whose with me?

Daenerys Targaryen by linxz2010

    Game of Thrones Daenerys Color by Protokitty

Emilia Clarke Daenerys by cfischer83

Dark Daenerys by DavidDeb    Daenerys by DavidDeb

Daenerys by xArmony

MotherofDragons WIP by CurtisWalkerWood    c2014-07-20T21-23-07 LU0cP by LarrySmitt

Daenerys Targaryen. by artissx

Daenerys Targaryen by JessKristen

Khal Drogo - Daenerys Targaryen by Freedom4Arts


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Need a laugh?

Journal Entry: Tue Dec 13, 2016, 11:56 AM

I wanted to share some deviations that made me smile.
I hope you do too.
Enjoy and show these funny fuckers some love. 

Stick People Drawing by JohnSu

A few jokes by this guy JeffreyRebowlski

Herbalist JokeHerbalists are very wise.  
Evil FractionToday I found an evil fraction: 2/3
(Punchline below)

Oreo Madness by dragorien'Breaking Bad' Simpsons Parody by paulwilliamsart

oops~!! by kimerajam

Zombie Wars by whitneyw

Dozens of Hungry Canines101 Dalmatians ate the Road Runner. 

Mature Content

KingSlayer Game Of Thrones by Mick81

Neville by fredrickburn

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Beautiful Places

Journal Entry: Mon Nov 28, 2016, 10:51 AM
because these places are too beautiful not to share. 

...bohinj IV... by roblfc1892

Two Worlds in Canada by KeswickPinhead

maritime sunburst by sassaputzin

Milky Way at Vadkert lake by NorbertKocsis

From a Highway, with Cows by abstractcamera

Along the Oregon coast by chrisntheboat

Nonza Sunset by xavierreyday seven by arbebuk

between land and ocean II by a-b-n

Where the Mountain Meets the Sky by NicolasAlexanderOtto

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A Feature of Prose

Journal Entry: Fri Nov 25, 2016, 3:35 PM
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Because I'm feeling like some WORDS tonight.

Please  enjoy and show these fantastic artists some LOVE.

Not a Robot“Magic is a complex chemical reaction. It is created by a combination of genetic, chemical, and environmental variables. It can be replicated. I have mastered the technique. I have submitted the application for membership.”
The League of Sorcerers erupted in a chorus of protests. I analyzed each voice and filed them separately for later study. The strongest protest came from the Master of Ceremonies, a sallow faced man with a long beard. I retrieved the identfiles to address him by name. Human beings are particular about their monikers.
“Only when I am cast into the fiery pits of Zandara's Hel will this abomination be allowed to walk among the sacred halls,” Master Henry Boyle said. He tugged on his beard.
“I have no record of Zandara or Zandara's Hel,” I said, “I request clarification.”
“You are not welcome here, robot,” Mistress Cassandra Starlight said. She attempted to manipulate the atmosphere around me with a formula I h

Gravity    The images flickered on my television screen late that evening, a documentary on Animal Planet about the big cats consuming my background noise for nearly the past hour.  Presently, an image of tigers flashed back and forth on the screen, the camera shifting which feline it focused on.  One was seemingly enjoying the moment of the rain pattering down upon his beautiful striped pelt, droplets of water collecting on it and running down the individual fine strands of his fur and whiskers, he lifting his head ever so slightly to the rain as he closed his eyes, a hint of a smile playing on his lips, giving him a rather mesmerizing human quality.  Before I could get lost in the image much more, the camera focused on another couple adolescent sibling tigers playfully swimming in the river.  I did find it interesting that tigers were the only known feline species to love swimming, as it almost seemed contradictory with all the jovial stories I’d hear fro

AdoreThe shower drips hot down my skin and you come to me.  Each warm rivulet descends my body the way your fingertips have and I close my eyes, finding your smile behind my lids.  I can see you so clearly, brown eyes so beautiful that I never want to look into another set.  Your hair, corkscrews of mahogany I lose my fingers inside, never wanting to retrieve them.  Your skin trails beneath my palms, the warmth of your chest pressed up against mine.
Some people never know a sense of completion.  They wander through their lives as ghosts, never fully a part of anything or anyone.  They believe there is a safety in solitude, that somehow they are protected if they never completely give of themselves.  I think of you and become deeply aware of just how much of myself I have given you, but moreso than that, how much of myself I have found within you.  It is a sense of physical epiphany, the way a thought suddenly springs to mind and all makes sense, the w

Prisoner 1827“When she exploded, she left nothing behind.  Except she did.”  Trembling, his hands covered in Prisoner 1827’s last breath, Officer Daavie catches the Captain’s eye.  The man’s mouth is stern, cutting deep lines across his face.  This is the tenth time they’ve gone over Daavie’s story.  Not one detail has changed.  Not one detail makes sense.
“That… It just doesn’t add up, Officer.  People don’t just explode--do you see any brains or bones or other human debris splattered across the walls like paint?”
Daavie grimaces, reaching for a bottle of hand sanitizer on the Captain’s desk.  “No.  I know.  But she did.”  He depresses the plunger as he speaks.  Nothing.  After thirty tries, each more frantic than the last, Daavie flings the plastic to the floor and rakes his hands through his thinning hair.

Lady of the VeilEvery day she walks with me, her cool fingertips touching my shoulder occasionally; footsteps like raindrops on a forest floor. She never wanders or ambles, she is a graceful dancer whose movements shimmer in sunlight’s caress.
No moment is free from her watch, staring as I stumble and struggle with life’s annoyances and irritations. Her ears catch my whispers and trap them in cages that no key can open and she speaks only when she needs my attention.
She and I carefully meander our way through obstacles and barriers, strolling past distraction and desecration. Her scent of lilies greets my sense and I feel the magnetic pull she wields. She is a riptide, a powerful whirlpool who steals the willpower of those who wander upon her path. Most lose themselves on the journey but as she guides me past fear and desolation, I find truth. Her existence is unquestionable, her presence – unmistakeable. She dances up to many but strides with few.
If I lived for millennia, I would

retrospective challengeI've never thought I was pretty. Passable maybe, but never pretty. It's tough to have any sort of positive body image when you're over-weight, but even more so in a culture and family that starts ridiculing you for it at a young age. Some days I hate myself for not being thin and pretty, but fortunately they're pretty few and far between. The rest of the time I hide my insecurities behind an emotionless mask.
But I'm not lacking in emotion, not at all. I know that I often come across as an emotionless automaton or a stuck-up bitch, but it took me years to learn that mask. Some days it's all I can do not to scream, cry, laugh, and kill someone all at once, but mostly I learned very young to hide my feelings, wrap myself up in a blanket of numbness trying not to let anything get to me.
I only have a few outlets for my true feelings: riding, art, music, and most importantly, my friends. But I don't want to burden them with my past so I bottle everything up inside, buried away and forgotte

DawnThe night is silent for hours on end, its melodies having faded with the stroke of midnight. The chill is almost alive: a cold and unrelenting numbness that has swept across the hollow plains and the empty streets, right into the ambiance engulfing the sleeping homes.
The world is still, seemingly in a trance that nobody sees. The wind occasionally sways a leaf or two for a moment, but then that moment is gone as fast as it came, leaving the world stagnant once more.
Looks can be deceiving, however, for not all is still. Somewhere in the distance, a bird opens its eyes, shaking its dream-world awake. Its partner does the same, opening up its wings for a long stretch. Somewhere else, yet another is stirring—a gray flecked cat yawns and stands up to flex its slack muscles, the two kittens beside it let out an innate cry almost in unison. Close by, a worm peeks its head out of the soft ground of a well tended garden.
Something is changing.
Slowly, the dark gray night begins to grow

Mature Content

Under the Moons of Nozittum Chapter 1
Under the Moons of Nozittum
Prologue: Aboard Steamship Amazon
In recent months many have asked me to tell of my meeting with Victor Cogan aboard the steamship Amazon. Others have requested that I never speak of it, some for fear that his story wouldn't be believed, others for fear that it would be. For better or worse I set it down now.
I had taken holiday in South America for my health, on the advise of a physician. On the second day of a steamship journey down the mighty Amazon through foreboding and sultry jungle I began to conclude that my health would be no better for it.
I'd made the trip alone and lonely is what I felt. The other passengers, wealthy tourists and their offspring, made little attempt at pleasant conversation with the likes of me. Perhaps I looked unapproachable.
At noon I sat on deck, watching the tree-filtered sun shine down on the murky waters, broken sometimes by crocodiles and snakes. I must have been lost in thought because I didn't notice the young man sit d

PragueA cold night to be in Prague, I thought. A cold night and a warm one, depending on who you are, where you were.
But I was out on the balcony, feeling the wind blow across the streets and turn my nightgown into gossamer; if there were more light it would be lewd, the men across the street staring with inveterate eyes, open of lust and devoid of meaning.
I am lost, I suppose, on the petals in the wind in the early evening of a fall day, crossing into winter but not yet lost to the bitter cold that will hold her. It's those days when you need something warm to keep you close, the doors to keep the silence out. But it is the real beauty in that emptiness I crave, the sound of the wind and the knowledge that it is cutting, that your skin would dry and your face exhaust while you wondered at the audacity of the men who refuse to let the world slow down, even for a moment.
But there it is - the light in the darkness above, the first star in a night so sadly empty of hope. This is a thing that

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C is for Cindi-Jo

Journal Entry: Mon Nov 21, 2016, 5:27 AM

Because....  It's my birthday!!!

and because a little shameless self-promotion never hurt anyone.  :heart:

My newest photograph

Autumn Walk by prettyflour

One of my older photos

A gift by prettyflour

My newest Lit deviations

A Mysterious PlaceThe trees beyond the cemetery are all dead, bare of leaves with branches twisted liked gnarled limbs all akimbo. They've been that way as long as I can remember. Thirty Five years and still they stand, tall, dark and tangled. Most people find it off putting, too foreboding a backdrop for a place already shrouded in death. Walking through the grove of trees I'm surprised at how tall they are, at how the trunks and branches bend and curl, some swirling up and some swirling down. I touch them and they feel strong, solid. Perhaps they're not dead after all...
I find them uniquely beautiful, stark yet majestic in their own way. I follow along this trail of trees until I find....I think it's a fort. A little hut made of made of fallen branches and twine. Inside it smells of clove, honeysuckle and thyme- such a curious mixture...Where is it coming from? The hut is empty, just big enough for me to fit in. A thick tree branch runs through it, dipping low, it's just the right height for me to si

President Elect Donald Trump
I give you a fist bump,
you lied, you groped, you won the election,
now lets see how well you take direction. 

a few older ones

Loose threadswithin the thin threads of a soul
I've found the tangles of a strong love
and death's cloak
One never can tellOnce
In a dream
                                         I saw you
                    Standing alone
a single
I'm wondering
                        Should I step back?

What would a feature of mine be without some flowers?

fade out by prettyflour

Disenchanted by prettyflour

and Bokeh!

Bokeh Take 5 by prettyflour

A few of my additions to Flash Fiction Month

sleepwalk with meI walk on water in my dreams. I float on a strong breeze up into the night. Soaring through the clouds, my arms outstretched, my fingertips trailing stardust. I leave a sparkling trail in my wake, golden breadcrumbs for him to follow. 
I spy a man sitting on the first moon- the smaller one- he is looking out into the abyss, searching for a sign. He's all eager eyes and heart-on-his-sleeve, but he's not looking for me. I throw out a tiny gleaming comet, a flash of light across his line of sight. I make him smile then I'm gone again, moving across the expanse to the big moon, the big black one, where the shifting shadows part for me- they only ever part for me. There he is- my other half surrounded by the gloom, huddled beneath fur but still shivering. He's quiet and brooding, so dark and dangerous and utterly captivating to me. It's colder here, bleak and empty, except for him. He sees me hovering in the sky above, shimmering though the fog. He's captiv
Once upon a rose red timeOnce upon a time there was a girl named Alice. She was adored by anyone who laid eyes upon her.  Her golden hair was silken to the touch, her skin fair, her eyes ocean blue and captivating but from them she could not see. Dead irises could not tell light from dark but in her mind she saw a wonderland. Perhaps hallucination, perhaps imagination, but it did not seem to matter- not to Alice.
She was happy in her youth. Surrounded by pretty flowers, giant-winged butterflies and obese caterpillars who could not speak but could sing in smoke and poetry. She built a house out of playing cards and a garden out of broken tea cups.  Roses were her favorite thing- red her favorite color.
She was walking through the garden when she noticed a patch of mushrooms. Curious, she thought. Where had those come from? They were brown and ugly, sprouting up everywhere, and she was loathe to admit it, but they smelled divine. She couldn't help but eat one.
Something happened afterward

A Peep throwback.

Whose been watching the new season of Walking Dead?

The Governor and his daughter. by prettyflour

Some of my works from HaikuWriMo 2016.

maroonedbottle washed ashore
treasure map behind the glass
S.O.S. unread
cyborgher heart is beating
in a rib cage made of steel
her pulse digital
personality untouched
an emotional being
dressed in robotic armor

just water by prettyflour

the red by prettyflour

Train bridge at the falls by prettyflour

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B is for Blue

Journal Entry: Mon Nov 14, 2016, 6:11 AM

By popular demand.

B is for Blue.

Deviations done in blue that I think you should see.

Jellyfish Dreams by LT-Arts

Heaven called her by arefin03

Blue Marlin Mermaid by SweetteeStanley18

Mind of Unrest by farcry77

Blue seaweeds $1 by ricky4

Dandelions II by RobinHedberg

Summer Reflection by robb-nelson