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Let's get Digital

Journal Entry: Sat Apr 19, 2014, 7:32 PM
Tonight I celebrate Digital Art.

Waiting for a Snack by jerry8448
by jerry8448

the ballad of mona lisa by Andaelentari

by Andaelentari

S p a w N by J-u-d-a-s

by J-u-d-a-s

#1: Twisted Identity by Chewsome

by Chewsome

Laura - Art trade by SabakuNoShi


Anchiano by the-fogz

by the-fogz

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Back to Reality

Journal Entry: Wed Apr 16, 2014, 6:04 PM
Just got back from NYC, had a fantastic time. Hope your weekend was as awesome as mine!

St. G by prettyflour     At night by prettyflour

I want to share some great work I've come across- all in selective color.

And So The Time Has Come by MikeShawPhotography

Last emotion by Hyb666

Tokyo at Night by imladris517

Oh! I am planning my next contest. Polls result were in favorite of photography, so a photography contest it will be.  Now…I have to decide on a theme and I'd like your suggestions!!!  Please let me know if you have any ideas!!

Groups of interest:
A great place for a large selection of mediums. There is a little bit of everything there and it's all good.

Is hosting TWO contests this month!
Themes: Fantasy and Music.

 There is still time to get in on :icondeviantsgallery:'s Nightmare Contest!

And last but certainly not least, I'd like to share a Lit deviation I came across earlier today. I thought you might like it.  :)

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We Move

Journal Entry: Fri Apr 11, 2014, 4:43 PM
My 11th feature about movement.

light play part3 by NoiZe-B

92 by Bela01     In transit by Phoenixstamatis

Tom, leap by lawrencew      Waking The Dead by confused-j

balerina II by SuzyTheButcher

Knowing I'll be alright.. by dyramisty    Forest Nymph II by OrestisCharalambous   We're marionettes of destiny by Kira-zen

Ballroom Dancers by ShakilovNeel

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Tonight, it's all about the words.

Journal Entry: Fri Apr 4, 2014, 6:47 PM
I wanted to share some of what I've been reading lately.

Shooting StarsI like to imagine that
Shooting stars
Are actually
Dragonflies with little lit lanterns strapped to their backs.


Remedies for a Curved Spine    He touches me without my permission one more fucking time and he's losing his hand; he knows it, I see it in his eyes as I spit don't touch me and the room falls into tense, unsure silence. He tries to laugh it off, but his fingers don't cross that span between us. His friends aren't laughing. I know that it won't stop him forever.
The other day, on the ride home, my name draws my attention. I lift my head and fix the kid with a gaze that makes the beleaguering grin fall from his face.
I discovered what true power was.
There's a certain satisfaction in realizing that people are afraid of you, of your gaze, of the words that spill from your tongue in anger and defiance. There is power in sitting up and staring them in the eye when your name tumbles from their mouths in a clumsy, obnoxious sounding manner and watching as they rethink their course of action.
There's a strength in telling yourself yes, yes, go for the throat; it's the best tasting part.


How to be Creatively Cliche in 13 Ways1.) Punctuation makes all the difference! For example, "Let's eat, Rebecca!" can be changed to "Let's eat Rebecca!" if a single comma is removed. Use punctuation to save Rebecca's life. An exception can be made if Rebecca has already been eaten and is now stewing delightfully in your stomach acid.
2.) capitalization is important! writing like this won't make much of an impact on the reader. otherwise, do not change the font face in an attempt to make the writing unique. no. the font doesn't change what you are trying to convey. and it's far too overdone to be unique. unless you're feeling verdana one day and courier the next. then by all means, do what you wish.
3.) Instead, alTERnatE beTWeen WrITiNg iN CApS and lOwERCaSE tO BothEr yOUR reaDEr. If this is already your forte, consider WRITING IN ALL CAPITALS TO INTIMIDATE BOTH YOUR FRIENDS AND ENEMIES.
4.) writing in all small text either tells the reader you are feeling small, whispering or you feel your voice will never be heard. it's


iTouchSometimes I don't know what to say,
and then I look at you,
I look into those blooming sunflower eyes
and I know
that I don't have to say a thing,
but... I want to,
I want to say everything
and I wonder
if my words move you the way
you move me.
Can you feel the beating of my heart
through your fingertip
as it glides down the touchscreen,
as it slides over my words,
does your spine pick up radiating waves,
does your mind comprehend
does your heart resound
like a thunderstorm
as every letter drips down
my arm
and spills upon the page
in digital smudges
with your name hidden
in the white gap between each word?
I've never quite figured out
just how I am supposed to give you love
with language,
how I can ever possibly translate
a love that is wider than the sky
in a string of stanzas
that stretch no further
than a few inches before your eyes,
but I keep trying
because I want you to know,
the way you already do,
that every road leads to you.
Can I change the world
with the words that I write


This Nightmare Screams Lunacysacrificing your sanity could only
so breathe in the madness
before it starts to make sense,
because normalcy can't make romance
feel the way insanity can.



Oh!   Speaking of words, :iconpoets-and-warriors: is having not one but TWO contests this month.
2 themes.  Fantasy AND Music.
Check out this journal for details.    April Mini-Contests!!!Hey everyone!
We are having another mini-contest!  Actually, we are having two!!
I posted a poll on my profile asking for theme suggestions and the result was a tie.  Music/Lyrics and Fantasy.   Rather than pick between the two, I decided to have two challenges this month.
Theme #1- Music/Lyrics
Write a poem inspired by a song. Don't forget to mention that song in your comments. We want to know what your listening to!  :)
Theme #2- Fantasy
Write a poem of fantastical worlds or supernatural creatures. Let your imagination run wild in the land of fantasy!
Let's get the pesky rules out of the way.
1. You must be a member to participate.
2. You are allowed 2 entries per person
3. The deadline for submissions is 5/1. This gives you three weeks to come up with something awesome!
4. Poetry only please.  
5. Entries must be a new deviation- something written specifically for this contest.  
6. You MUST mention this contest in your artist comments and



03/31I feel your heat in the dark
where your body, beside me
lies in the hollow
our weight has impressed
I see the cells of your skin flake off
and disperse in the air
as you scratch at your skin
in nervous agitation
I fear you are too much like a vision i had
when the heat of a fever
burned me out, left me weaker
than a doll with glass eyes
I know you are too much like the jewels
of my fever dreams
the gems that crusted the domain
of my mind in its passing
I see you flinch when I reach out
for the tangled nest of your hair
you deny that you’re fleeing
so why aren’t you here?
I need to seek refuge
in the warmth of your cheek
I live in the cradle of your spine
(still, you don’t call me weak)
(let me forget that I am
open and soft
let me think I am safe
and possibly loved)
I dwell in and on your retreat
as I revel in the skin
and the framework of bones
that used to be you
I love the existence in the body I feel


no pause buttonyou slipped a camera lens over each eye
hoping seeing the world in boxes, simplicity, 
would help everything make sense
well you're seeing the world in sepia-
but this picture can't be edited,
this video can't be rewinded


DominanceI love quiet people,
because eventually they do something crazy
and its everyone else’s turn to watch,
unable to form words.
It is the violent surprise of fat snow,
falling softly, softly
without a sound,
picking up more and more weight as it tumbles along.
Spinning quickly, until the storm has reshaped into a turbulent white art.
This was her.
Her smile,
a light play of secrets ready to tumble out.
Her kiss,
a harder tone that kept me awake at night.
Her caress,
less a show of affection, and more a sign of dominance.
We sat in silence,
but it wasn't the silence that suffocated me.


Heavy Love IIjust
lay down
my dear
just lay down,
put soft hands
on the space
where legs
meet hips
on hips
pulling closer
pulling closer,
sigh —
love ...


[answers for the blind]when he breathes, it is with an easy banding of ribs. he coughs, and blue fabric is pulled from between his lips as though he is a magician, embroidered gold. he is only sick in the abstract, a brief cruel curling of the adjective around bright wrists. if i were to touch his lips, they would become twin snakes, curving and dry. we come round in circles and bite our tails, chase fairy tales through the gaps between our praying hands. he is a gateway to the newest lands.

Chilling grip.My eyelids shatter
To the undying cold,
I'm forced to look further
Out on this never ending hold.
The ice that confines me
Bounds my bruised head,
And the cold that kills
Lingers from above.
The mist slowly creeps down
From the shield overhead,
Wrapping its cold fingers
Around me until I'm silent,
And unmistakably dead.


The warrior's call"I saw the breeze of midsummer's bloom;
the leaves aloft, kissing the autumn goodbye;
Like them I embraced my impending doom
wrought in sorrow... tears dropping from the sky..."
The warrior uttered his last words
And embraced his fate - the unheard
demise bound the army; for he was a conscript
embracing his fate, aloft, the autumnal leaves slipped...


fun with gender roles: the deadly knighti was four and a soft little empath
without a sex or even form;
not quite what was called for.
someone would come and fix me.
i must have gone well with dark stained
70’s mahogany, ubiquitous lime carpet
and temperamental backgammon sets
that were never to be handled,
much less, spilled with candle wax.
if not love, then give me tools to live.
though our deadly knight was always gone,
some perfunctory war on technology
calling him to live in his office,
in another life,
in another woman,
in another home,
i still believe he taught me something.
it was a noble savagery, i found
playing football at eleven.
i could pound another human
into the ground
and draw his 5th grade blood
on the school district’s dime.
and only then, was he ever proud to have a son.
later, in senior high, i realized
that i was somehow thought elite.  
at the rallies, the drill team kicked high on stage
in their petticoats,
and the starters sat below
on the first row,
reclined like kings.
i broke bon


Curse of Life: A monologue of a Hope characterYou once believed you're the hero of your own story, didn't you? You walked with your head raised high and took in the admiring stares of the sheep in the street. You seemed happy to be alive, and you saw your miraculous survival as a blessing. It was neither miraculous nor a blessing. You may have once whispered thanks to god before you fell asleep.
But I knew better.
I knew that what you counted as a blessing was actually a curse to the fools that idolized you.
You are no champion, you are not blessed. You never have been, neither back then nor now.
Now you know what I have always known, as you lay dying alone like the failure that you were. You were cursed by life.
You're not even trying to fight anymore. It's like you ran out of witty comebacks. But don't get too worked up. I am as cursed by life as you are, and I will carry this burden with me forever.
Good luck, not that it will do you any good.


FabricateNeedle. In, out. In, out.
Threads that seal truth away,



Happy reading!  Come on, let words rule your night too.


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Devious Journal Entry

Journal Entry: Wed Apr 2, 2014, 2:43 PM
I am pleased to announce the winners of :iconpoets-and-warriors: March Haiku Challenge!

Our winner is…

they promised me a lambmarch, the middle child,
smothers cruel crocus teases
in ivory flurries

by :iconfragments-of-a-pawn:   Fragments-of-a-Pawn

Our honorable mentions are:

*Rising Sap*Mercurial March
Not to be relied upon
Winter grip so tight
Spring weather quietly waits
'til green leaves gently unfurl.
2014 Delice1941
5th March2014

by :icondelice1941:

March MadnessSeason nearing end
Aquarian water flows
All the fish go mad


Thank you so much to everyone who participated, and to our judge, the fabulous Aerode.

I am currently planning our next challenge, any suggestions on themes and/or style?  Suggestions are welcome!

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20 things about me

Journal Entry: Mon Mar 31, 2014, 6:12 AM
I rarely use my journal for personal stuff, but I'm jumping on the bandwagon after seeing so many of my dA friends take part in this.

Here is 20 things about me.

Hey, I'm looking at you... by prettyflour

1. My pinkie fingers are crooked. Yep, both of them. 
2. I wish I had a pair of Converse All-Stars in every color, and white ones that I could  decorate myself. 
3. I will be announcing the winners of :iconpoets-and-warriors: March Haiku challenge later on today. 
4. My first car was a Dodge Omni. It was tiny. It was old. It smelled bad. It ran like crap. I loved it!! 
5. I want to host another contest but I can't decide if I should do photography or traditional art...
6. I am working on my latest Peep project. The Walking Peeps. Stayed tuned for pics. 
7. Currently, my favorite genre of literature is fantasy. Bring on mythical creatures!
8. I want to quit my day job and become a tattoo artist/photographer/writer.
9. I live pretty close to Aerode (I knew this thanks to his 20 things.)  
10. The first story I ever wrote was called, "A Place called Happyville."
11. I love fanfiction. Reading it. Writing it. Sharing it. Many fandoms. 
12. I can't wait to watch the season finally of The Walking Dead!
13.  I made homefries for breakfast this morning. Yum!
14. I want to buy a gun. (for target shooting, I swear!)
15. I've lost count of how many tattoos I have.
16. I write smut and I'm proud that I do.
17. I am obsessed with my iphone.
18. Periwinkle is my favorite color.
19. I drink too much coffee.
20. I want the rain to stop.

my leg, the WIP. by prettyflour    Noah's SongI dwell below the blue, always watching, always waiting for a sailor's soul. They drift on high in vessels they think will float forever. It amuses me so- to see their determination, their will to live at sea. Every so often I stay beneath the surface and spare them my wrath, but only for those with a true respect for my home.
The ocean.
This swirling pool of cerulean. This sapphire lifeblood of the lower world, a world so wholly unknown.
I spread my wings and glide. I stay submerged and play with phosphoresce, guiding them with my fingertips. They swarm me; illuminate me, making me look like a true sea nymph. Ethereal, beautiful, bright like the sun with my wings spread wide and shining.
I can hear it in the distance- a ship holding what I need. Licking my lips, I close my eyes and break through the swell. The air is crisp and ridden with salt, the breeze light and playful. The moon is high and full. It’s a perfect night for a feast.
So I swim, stretching my legs before finding
    .. by prettyflour

Masterpiecea Monet sunset
dotted along the canvas
with clouds by Van Gogh
    There is no fear and loathing here.We were somewhere in the South Pacific on the edge of the ocean when the withdrawals began to take hold. I remember saying something like, “Where the hell are we?”
My attorney said nothing. Sitting in the sand, he wore only a pair of hideous bell bottoms with red and white stripes that resembled a peppermint candy on copious amounts of LSD. He ignored me and repeatedly tapped his bare foot into the gentle rush of water as it crawled up the beach.
And suddenly I realized I had no idea how we had gotten there. A gaping hole in my memory sparked a brief sense of panic.
“Don’t let it get you,” he said before yawning and falling onto his back.
“Let what get me?” I half shrieked, eyes peeled for wild beasts. Who knew what roamed this place in the night.
“The silence…It’s not something to be feared,” he muttered before passing out cold.
Then I noticed just how quiet it was.
No howling wind coming off the ocean. No creak

  Fire in the sky :3 by prettyflour      

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A Feature That Screams Emotion

Journal Entry: Sat Mar 29, 2014, 4:53 PM
My favorite pieces of artwork often provoke an emotional response.
It always amazes me when a photo, poem or painting can make me FEEL so much. 

Tonight we celebrate artwork that screams emotion.

Apeirophobia by ModernHippy

Tabula rasa by SkaparnEmmi

...?Dear World,
You're force feeding me conformity that I'll spit back into your face.
      The Right Kind of SinnersShe traces infinity
with the tip of her tongue,
pressed firmly to the softest of skin.
He strikes with vigilance
beyond the fold,
piercing the heart of heaven.
Like devils at play, wings spread
circling prey,
they tease and ravage
to no end.
They press and push,
bidding for her attention
dividing her,
beyond limits.
They mesh and meld,
weighing themselves into her,
until all she can do
is bend.
With no mercy to be had
from deviants like these,
they inflict extreme pleasure
and grin;
the right kind of sinners
clouding her most basic thoughts
until all that remains,
is pure instinct.

Rise Above Time by RohMah1

muse by ezorenier

these patched lungs want've been smoking like
the world was gonna end --
            (and maybe, it already has.
             we could've plunged to hell
             and wouldn't have noticed.)
but now, your lungs ignite
instead of the cigarette.
    -prosthetic limbs
and a sacrifice of blood
on a full moon
these were the ingredients to create
the perfect boy.

Three Studies for a Self Portrait by RyckRudd

Hellow-weennie ! by Bibire

Empty WordsOne text--
but not answered--
says more
about a relationship
a thousand
empty words.
      Hungry StarsAll the children were eaten by stars
The televisions don't work anymore
I saw you dancing in the ruins last night
Barefoot on the sharp stones, laughing
But your laughter rang hollow
And echoed through the caverns
Old blood is never satisfied with new blood
Ring the midnight bell and come home
Your efforts are all in vain, useless now
Like the fly trying to make its way out
Crawling, dying, towards the light
There is no light for the likes of us
Only hungry stars and the glimmer through
The cracks in the boards of the floor
Down there below where the masked ones
Hold their ancient ceremonies and incantations
Let me tend to your feet, love
And we'll seek shelter elsewhere

Deception by AlMaNeGrA    care by 3yen

.Life is the novel, fate is the author.      SoulworksA recycled shell holding a battered ghost
A dragonfly's skin, but broken wings
My Achilles heal... is a battered wound...
A crimson shroud hiding a vampire's heart...
Vermilion Shrouds of my Inner Self

black bird by prismes

This Feature is for the Creating Awesome Features Contest, courtesy of :iconprojecteducate:
This is a very cool project. If you haven't check it out already, click on this journal for details:   Creating Awesome Features [+ Contest]    Features are awesome! Getting them, making them, seeing them... it's pretty much like this:
***Perhaps one of my favorite things dA did was making thumbnails available for all users; not just premium.***
    So why feature artwork anyways? Because it's awesome, it's fun, and it's nice. Featuring artworks in your journal is great on both sides; it gives both you and the person featured a little more exposure and gives you both the chance to make new friends. Also gives you a chance to find new art and artists on dA.
    BUT; features take some effort, especially the good ones. So; what makes a good feature great and where do you find all this awesomely fantastic work!?
    The first thing to do is pick a theme you want to centre your feature on. Do you want to do something specific [music, hearts, green, dinosuars, redheads, ballet] or you can do a media [photography, literature, digital, etc.] or a category [street photography,

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Watcher Feature #17

Journal Entry: Thu Mar 27, 2014, 1:10 PM
Because my watchers rock!!!


Owl II by NeahsSomnium


Lonely Soul by adi0


Green Grow The Rushes by PridesCrossing


Bella durmiente de Ananke by genimac


Onagraceae by TeKNoMaNiaCH


good night by Modernmilk


Chapter OneShe was late, he thought, idly washing a paw. His tail twitched back and forth for a minute as he considered his options. He stood up and began making his way to the gate. He twitched his tail as he walked down the block, dodging pedestrians and his thoughts turned serious. Maybe Zephyr caught her as she came through the gate.
He caught a glimpse of dark brown hair pulled into a sloppy braid, hiding delicately pointed ears. Blue eyes wide with amazement stared up at the tall buildings surrounding her. Where have you been, Ailke? We don't have any time to waste, we need to find the first Orb, he scolded her.
She blinked down at him. "Cats don't talk," she said, dumbfounded.
Oh, good grief. You have been given a very important mission. If you don't find the 8 Orbs and go through their corresponding gates, then Zephyr will enslave your entire race. Now we need to get moving, he said to her.
"O-okay, where do we go first?" Ailke asked.
The first Orb is hidden


The Theater of Dreams by tabzthefish

Somebody to......It's like a thousand years ago,
I was some kind of emperor...
I sat in royal palace room.
While looking to a fragile mirror.
Devoted servants, guards around.
They do whatever I require.
They know My Everything, I think…
But they will never say a word.
If only I could get somebody,
To celebrate my kingdom coming.
To break my loneliness forever.
To realize my human nature.
To be my queen in time of days.
And be my lover through the nights.
I had to travel back in time
To understand this simple thing…

and last but certainly NOT least, one of my favorite deviants,


Glass flower 18 by SabakuNoShi

Pink rose 7 by SabakuNoShi

Pink rose 7 by SabakuNoShi

Frogs - After rain by SabakuNoShi

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jaymzeecat! Hot dog!

Journal Entry: Sat Mar 22, 2014, 3:49 PM
Have you guys met :iconjaymzeecat:  Jaymzeecat ?

Me at Stumptown by Jaymzeecat

She is a truly talented individual and someone who is just awesome.

Show her some LOVE!

Kickstarter Crossover by Jaymzeecat

Split Screen Tee Shirt Design by Jaymzeecat   Tote Bag Design WIP by Jaymzeecat

One of 3 Kickstarter Prints by Jaymzeecat   Split Screen 122 by Jaymzeecat

Willem 117 by Jaymzeecat   Willem 106 by Jaymzeecat

Her FanArt is kick ass!

Merry Christmas to Me! by Jaymzeecat

Guillermo Del Totoro by Jaymzeecat   Beetlejuice and Lydia by Jaymzeecat

Jessica and Roger Rabbit by Jaymzeecat    Back to the Future III by Jaymzeecat

Some of my favorite characters by Jaymzeecat

Trent Lane by Jaymzeecat

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A Feature for the little things.

Journal Entry: Fri Mar 14, 2014, 12:42 PM
Macro photography.

It's awesome.

tettigonia viridissima by neoloonatic

Juice it up... by belindamary   Follow the circle by diensilver

Miner Bee HDR by dalantech

Bee by George---Kirk   Yellownecked Caterpillar II by Spademm

Common Green Darner - Anax junius by ColinHuttonPhoto

Bumblebee portrait by andreimogan

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Watcher Feature #16

Journal Entry: Mon Mar 10, 2014, 7:57 AM
Because my Watchers kick ass.


Life Of Claire- Chapter One                                              Life Of Claire- Chapter One: Kidnapped
                                                                 By: Paige Jarden
I sobbed violently at the scene before me. The flashing lights of the police's car glowed onto my boyfriend's house. His family was just as distraught as before. We were inside, in the living room, on a sofa where officers were standing by each family member, asking questions r


Harry and Hermione by syrenmoon


Chandelier by Hamda-AlRais


Tree Afraid by DasGhul   Season's End by DasGhul


Amethyst spiral wrap point pendant R by lamorth-the-seeker   trees need sunlight by lamorth-the-seeker


Chapter one the reapingI wake up in a daze still feeling the pain I had felt thirteen years ago today. Yelling for my mom to stop seeing dad leave after being with my mom for so long. Me running towards my mom as I lean on the wound trying to stop the blood flow but it don't work more just comes as I cry and scream for help. "HELP HELP SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME PLEase someone anyone!" the little four year old screamed in my dreams. But no one heard no one came so the little girl sat there crying covered in her moms blood rocking in a fetal position.  I wake up quick and gasping. Replaying each and every detail that happened that day. She wants to cry but she remembers her moms last words to her Luna Nicole be strong u must be. My father had left this very day thirteen years ago. After he left my mom went into depression quick so she killed her self so she wouldn't feel the pain no more. After all that happened I learned to survey and live on my own. I learned what was good to eat what was. How to make lots


Fresh AirIt dances on the wind,
a gentle, sweet caress.
In trees it plays,
and sunlight beams
to see it happy,
Your smile,
your scent,
your very name.


Miss Tipsy SwanThe loud beats blasted out of the stereo, blurry visions of people dancing to music swayed through the darkness, flashing lights blinded me.
A warm hand grabbed my arm and pulled me backwards and I landed bouncing on a soft pillow. A couch? I tried hard focusing on my surroundings, my head feeling light and my body buzzing with energy. I could make out the lyrics to a Led Zeppelin song and yells of people singing along. I looked to the corner of the room to see a bright white strobe light flashing and a familiar female face dancing with a boy. Jessica. I could have guessed. I turned to the sound of glasses clinking to see Mike and Tyler chug down beer. Tyler's party! Now I remember!
I looked down into my hand to see a glass of red wine. So that's why I was spacing out. I'm drunk!
Uh oh. Edward's going to be mad. Really mad.
I remember him telling me he and his family were going to go off hunting and he'd be back the next morning. Once I got bored and hated the space between us, decided



the garden familymy father met my mother on the train tracks
leading out of Hackensack, New Jersey.
she was clad in blue and embossed with blisters;
he was wearing a black sweater and had a stumbling tongue.
the night they exchanged promises, the moon
was hiding under a cool blanket of factory smoke.
my mother wore a black n' beige dress.
my father was decked in the finest leather shoes.
their love was a budless stem:
to appreciate it, you had to do some gardening.
the botany of our family is complicated.
i am a shovel and my brother is soil.
my mother is a watering hose and my father sets with the sun.
come winter,
she will freeze in time and we will
barely see him through the clouds.
the occasional drought will manifest into our lineage,
but my mother will burst like a floodgate.
sometimes, it'll get so cold that the crops will be frostbitten,
but my father will break the barrier of clouds.
i will help dig my brother out of messy situations
and we will be
just a plot of land on the map of our family

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Deviously Dazzled

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 2, 2014, 3:46 PM
Yes, I am feeling dazzling.

My recent prose, Noah's Song  

Noah's SongI dwell below the blue, always watching, always waiting for a sailor's soul. They drift on high in vessels they think will float forever. It amuses me so- to see their determination, their will to live at sea. Every so often I stay beneath the surface and spare them my wrath, but only for those with a true respect for my home.
The ocean.
This swirling pool of cerulean. This sapphire lifeblood of the lower world, a world so wholly unknown.
I spread my wings and glide. I stay submerged and play with phosphoresce, guiding them with my fingertips. They swarm me; illuminate me, making me look like a true sea nymph. Ethereal, beautiful, bright like the sun with my wings spread wide and shining.
I can hear it in the distance- a ship holding what I need. Licking my lips, I close my eyes and break through the swell. The air is crisp and ridden with salt, the breeze light and playful. The moon is high and full. It’s a perfect night for a feast.
So I swim, stretching my legs before finding

Got a DLD!  I am so excited about this!  I big ole THANK YOU to TwilightPoetess for featuring my work. 

:iconpoets-and-warriors: is having a mini contest.  A March Haiku Challenge!
If you can write a Haiku about the month of March, then you should totally enter!

March Haiku Challenge!Hey everyone!
We are having a mini-contest!  We want you to write a Haiku about the month of March.  
Let's get the pesky rules out of the way.
1. You must be a member to participate.
2. You are allowed 2 entries per person
3. The deadline for submissions is 3/23. This gives you three weeks to come up with something awesome!
4. Haiku has many forms and we will accept them all. This will give you a little more freedom in structuring.
5. Entries must be submitted to the 'March Haiku Challenge' folder.
We will pick one winner who will receive 50 points and a critique request from me.
We will also have 2 honorable mentions that will get 25 points each.
All winners will be featured here, my personal journal, and a journal feature in :iconPoeticalCondition:
Prize donations are gladly accepted.  :)
Be creative!  Have fun with this! And if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask.

And now let's feature some incredible art work!

First, I want to feature one of my best DA friends, chrisntheboat  Good luck in Alaska Chris!!

Lifesphere Lessons Pt.3 by chrisntheboat

TLG_BC_01 by IzabelMarrupho

May Season by Justine1985

Gamer Girl by Dignity13

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An end and a beginning

Journal Entry: Fri Feb 28, 2014, 3:14 PM
So as February comes to a close, I have written my last poem for HaikuWriMo. 
Since I posted my first poem of the month in a journal, so shall the last.  

On day twenty eight

I began writing anew

For HaikuWriMo

Weaving words and syllables

My adventure now complete.

Happy HaikuWriMo everyone!  I am happy to say that I have written 40 haikus this month!!!   To celebrate I want to feature some great haikus I've discovered.   :)

Surprisingly PredictableIt was the butler.
In the foyer. With the knife.
That’s unexpected...

Haiku 19.01If stars are wheat fields,
The moon – a scythe; we shared the
Harvest festival.

Wolf in Sheep's ClothingPlush ruby lips match
intense baby blues. She fell
Hook, line and sinker.

Have you all heard?   :icondeviantsgallery: is having a contest.  The theme is… Nightmares!!!  Go check it out!

Nightmare ContestHello everyone!
Our contest is on!
Our theme is… Nightmares.
Give us your dreams, the one that make your heart race. Show us that horrific nightmare that woke you in a cold sweat. Show me who haunts your dreams. Be creative. Have fun. All art forms are welcome!
Here are the details:
Contest submissions can be submitted starting today.
The last day for submissions will be 5/1/14.  This gives you two months to come up with something great!
1. You must be a member of :iconDeviantsGallery: in order to participate.
2. One entry per deviant.
3. Entries must be submitted to the 'Nightmare Contest' folder.     :)
4. All deviations entered must mention this contest in your artist comments.
5. Entries must fit the theme.
6. This must be a new deviation. Anything submitted to DA earlier than today (2/24/14) will be declined.
Now, onto the fun stuff. Prizes!!
1st prize:
500 points and a

And because words might not be your thing, let's feature some visual art!!!

The Old man Ocean by CoalRye

Pan's Labyrinth by ewiku

Lament of Highborne-closeup by cocoasweety

drawing a smiley face on her mask - final by DoodleWithGlueGun

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A journal full of stuff

Journal Entry: Mon Feb 24, 2014, 8:26 AM
Hello all! Hope everyone doing well!

I'm still going strong with HaikuWriMo! Here's a few of my favs that were done for Haiku Bingo.

My Group :iconDeviantsGallery is having a contest!  The theme is nightmares! I will be making the official announcement today.
I am still on the look out for prizes. If you can donate anything, please let me know. Points, features, llamas, whatever you could spare will be greatly appreciated!

I had the honor of being on the Die Ghul Show!!  Check it  out!!

Die Ghul Show with PRETTYFLOUR!:icondasghul:: Welcome to my humble show, :iconprettyflour:!
Do you enjoy being here? :)
:iconprettyflour:: I sure do. I'm very happy to be a part of your Ghulish show.
:icondasghul:: It's mostly because you like its HUMBLE HOST, right? :nod:
:iconprettyflour:: Well, yeah. What's not to like?
:icondasghul:: My noble audience and my humble self would like to know YOUR answer to this!
So just to get this interview started, please elaborate on a random something you actually do HATE! :nod:
:iconprettyflour:: A random something I hate? Hmmmm…. I do hate my day job. I have aspirations (and vivid fantasies) of never seeing another cubicle in my lifetime and making a living creating art.
:icondasghul:: What is your day job, and why is it holding you hostage?
Also, if you could make a living creating art, just which of your works would you claim to be suited best for that cause and why? :)
:iconprettyflour:: I am an office manager, at a call center. The job itself isn't the worst thing

shehrozeameen just posted a great journal with such fantastic features!

and now, a Feature for some of my favorites that I think need a little love.  :)

diversi ma uniti by fratag

coming around again by twilightfreak

.Lolita. by little-me-starfire

Burn that GOD by bast-86

The Column by GildedTiger

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Trees in the City Contest Winners!

Journal Entry: Fri Feb 21, 2014, 6:04 PM
   And here they are, the winners of :icontrees-with-character: Trees in the City Contest Winners!

1st place:

Windows in the Sky by DpressedSoul

by :icondpressedsoul:

2nd place:

A tree in the City by SignHermitCrab

by :iconsignhermitcrab:

3rd place

The Cathedral by torobala

by :icontorobala:

Congratulations to all of the winners!!! 

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A Feature full of LOVE

Journal Entry: Fri Feb 14, 2014, 9:13 AM
 Let's start with some words that I adore.

In Dark Silencea pile of exiled leaves
and a grief-stricken moonset
the secrets of fireflies.
A stranger to gravity, sometimes
trees know how to be brave,
standing tall
where the stars collide.

HaikuWriMo. LOVE

I am participating in HaikuWriMo this year and it has been so much fun!  Here are some wonderful Haikus!

a constellation of dimension (haikuwrimo).xxi.
grieving skies release anguish
to make men whole.
the atoms collide,
stardust renews itself
light years away.
borderlining heaven,
you linger amongst the stars --
space surrounds you.
a perfect body:
the natural satellite
with craters on skin.
a lone star wishes
upon a dying human --
the beauty of death.
clouds wrestle,
thundering when touched --
the art of war.
like a fallen star,
you are devoured in the night --
heaven or black hole?
flowers bloom in my heart.
four billion years
of atoms treaded --
baby steps.
you shine brightly like
you are amongst the heavens --
thank my lucky stars.
curtains draw back &
dreams in colour are revealed --
act one: the rainbow.
heaven weeps --
mortals reach to touch
shooting stars.
string of pearls:
sewing orion's belt.
wolves sink teeth --
fabric of society drips
red riding hood's blood.
in the dead of night,
the kill of life's left behind --
a light year
HaikuWriMo 20141. Non-Fiction – nostalgic trigger
Unfinished book
marked with a used
movie ticket.
2. Romance – reverse Stockholm syndrome
A rose for the bank teller;
a bullet for the husband.
3. Epistolary – letter to a widower
An unstamped letter
curling up edges inside
the fireplace.
4.  Science - Fiction – six word haiku
Landed on moon.
Better check Facebook.
5. Historical – trains
Kansas is golden
when you’re thundering by on
steam instead of horses.
6. Action – toddler mafias
“Dun care ‘bout da gang
war – Sesame Street is on.”
7. Fantasy – guns and posies
Clowns armed with posies
that shoot jets of water.
No one’s laughing now.
8. Drama - 1800s
Tangible light
in the fog surrounding
the lamp-lit streets.
9. Horror - faces at/on the windowsill
Alone. Flashlight.
A face in the window.
Reflection broken.
10. Transgressive – antisocial
Literate hermit
crab; book shells.
11. Mythology – constellations

HaikuWriMo 201416. fan-fiction - film fandom haiku
the compass spins, the ship
wheel wavers as he questions:
"Why is the rum gone?"
15. mythology - hydra
waning self-confidence;
a multi-headed beast
attacks her every thought.
14. found - last page of a book
too numb; pull the trigger
and watch them die in vain.
it echoed orange -- salty taste.
13. fantasy - guns and posies
she stands ready, a red posy
tucked behind her pointed ear,
silver gun pointed at shadows.
12. non fiction - nostalgic trigger
footprints pressed into
freshly fallen snow --
childhood cartographer
11. science fiction - moon mining
striking gold; handfuls
of stardust buried
under the lunar cycle.
10. erotic - tuxedo handsome
Handcuffs and blindfolds,
a tightly-laced corset;
wrapped especially for me.
9. epistolary - letter to a widower
papered stacks, scratches
and scribbles, left to wither
and wilt on his time worn desk.
8. horror - faces at/on the windowsill
ghostly fi

I updated my own Haikus today. In this one, I added three new haikus all in the genre of romance to celebrate Valentine's Day!

Haiku Bingo. Complete!1. Folklore- Elves
middle earth is home
deep roots twist and turn
enchanting and evolving
2. Erotic- Reunion
making eye contact
and floating across the room
into your embrace
our hands warm, our mouths eager
always in each others arms
3. DAreleated- Comments VS Favs
please give me your words
tell me what you think is wrong
I adore honest feedback
4. Nature- Comatose
In hibernation
gathering strength and healing
to awake refreshed in spring
5. Erotic- Tuxedo Handsome
he was tuxedo handsome
never seen him so cleaned up
he was sex personified
and he would be mine
6. General - taxidermy
all stuffed and no where to go
looking fierce with his teeth bared
glass eyes always glare and stare
now, forevermore. 
7. General - rivertide
sunrise summertime
the sound of water wakes me
blessed rivertide
8. General - rhyming haiku couplet
crawling across a raven's wing
begging the viscous bird to sing
I fell from the sky with a tune

Now for some beautiful Photography!

.take a moment. by Kay-Noire

A Key to Autumn's Heart by UntamedUnwanted

Two Hearts by Astranat

Down by alexskyline

and some crazy good Digital Art:

just dance by HristinaGalabova

Eleventy thumbs up by alexiuss

Abundancy by Simplexification

Heart by Sugaree33-Art

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

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A Feature for sassaputzin

Journal Entry: Thu Feb 13, 2014, 8:54 AM
For a deviant whose work is beyond words. 

Give it up for sassaputzin

drop anchor by sassaputzin

prism by sassaputzin

autumnal dart by sassaputzin

smoothlands by sassaputzin

white vein butter knife by sassaputzin

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Eyes to the soul

Journal Entry: Sun Feb 9, 2014, 9:03 AM
A feature for the eye.

Iris by proxi-mity

realistic-Eye-by-Todo-ABT-Tattoo by TodoArtist

Captured by Sortvind

Time passes by... by Calypsion312

Eye close up by DynOpt   Life Reflecting by TeaPhotography

Souls Live Wallpaper by MRFarts

Fire Inside by erykucciola

I See Love by HATEetc

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