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Let's take a trip

Journal Entry: Mon Jan 30, 2017, 10:11 AM
a trip through my favorite deviations.

These are the reasons I spend my time on DA. The beautiful things I find are nothing short of inspiring. 

My latest favorite.  A gorgeous drawing.

The Princess and Her Tree by Mokinzi

My oldest favorite. A wonderful photograph.

Pursuit of happiness by UgurDoyduk

A couple of fantastic watercolors hanging out on page 4.

Side Effects by jaybgillesTill Blues had me Reds by jaybgilles

4 random deviations from page 44

n o c t u r n a l by creativemikey

Paper thinWaiting for that salty breeze
to carry my feather like weight
and one morning I will hug the shore
and kiss the bits of that sand as they call
You are home
Broken, paper thin memories
Rusty laughter rings again
We waited
you came
My eyes full of cotton clouds
and I lay there, my heart at peace
and I dream
Silver Lady (Dabali Shairi)Silver Lady
Oh silver lady, lend me wings
      so I may fly on unrestrained.
Oh silver lady, let me fly
      to heights that are yet unattained.
Oh silver lady, give me grace
      to fight the demons so ingrained.
Oh silver lady, help me live
      this life that so far I’ve not maimed.

Enlight by SPRSPRsDigitalArt

All the literature deviations from page 111

Past the Break (of Dawn)Till the pain of loneliness is gone 
Lie with me, say that it's not wrong.
You fever for more than my skin alone,
So I'll sing you one of my nonsense songs.
Gently I sweep your hair from your eyes;
It falls like dark waves and shadows your brow.
For you I'd be strong, but tonight we've shed lies,
Shed pretensions, dropped our masks after our bow.
I swear by this moment to keep my arms 'round you tight,
If you swear by something sacred to do the same.
You don't have to fear, I won't leave you in the night. 
(I wonder, when you're old, will you remember my name?)
No one really hears my aching soul the way you do.
Why must the dawn break and the night have to fall?
There are no words as to why it breaks my heart in two;
With my empathetic lenses, keen and dark, so does it all.
If you will only say to me, with all honesty, "Please stay,"
We'll see hope need not shatter with the morning sun.
Help me take this life day by day --
For lives nearly gone need something d
Roots, Roses.I cannot plunge my roots where only thorns grow;
in the Winter, I choose not to sleep -
for, once you reach the bottom,
I have learned
the only way left is
I cannot grasp the soil that chooses to reject
the sun and water offered them -
but rather, would bask in its own
salt-water secretions.
My soul has drawn itself to the light, and in the light
I may live.
I cannot thrive, nor even dwell, with those who reject
the Sun.

Haunting in America File One 

It wasn't as if she was five anymore, but her face smashed against the window of the plane gave Naru the impression that she was acting five ... and not her age. Mai couldn't see anything while the plane was in the air, but she was excited none the less. No, it wasn't the first time she's been on a plane. But, it was the first time she's left the country. Nineteen years and she has never left Japan. It couldn't have been helped though. She never had the money to leave. Technically, she didn't even pay for this plane ticket. It was through SPR that she was able to visit the United States. She detached her face from the window before giving her boss the most childish grin that he could have come to mind. It was painfully obvious that she was excited about visiting a new country. Naru uncrossed his legs, sat straight and gave Mai a look. She 'eeped' before looking out the window as if she had done nothing wrong
You Belong To MeThere is a spell on your soul.
I can hear the broken church bells.
There are those eyes I can see;
In your soul when you burn.
Something was bleeding;
When you fell into the coffin.
Your spoken words;
Are almost like a lost sheep in a grave yard.
Your eyes;
They bleed like a lost soul in the bowels of shattered glass.
Only because you belong to me.
Every time it rains;
I can hear your screams of pain in the distance.
When there is lightning;
I can see your tears falling from the angry clouds.
There is the rich;
And there is the poor.
One is a filthy liar with no feeling.
The other;
Is put down for trying to receive the love she needs.
Can you breath in the alcohol now?
Only because you are mine.
Can you breath now?
Can you read your own thoughts?
Do you grieve over empty love?
Dead doves lay out in the empty streets on the horizon.
Bleed now.
Someone broke your heart;
And shattered it with hatred.
You always scream;
"Can someone put my heart back together?"
That is the curse.
Because y

A bad ass photo manipulation from page 200

Deliberation by Aegis-Illustration

Random Devil Spy!

Devil Spy 51 by Jaymzeecat

Kick Ass Fan Art!

Over the Garden Wall by CorinneRoberts

 and last but certainly not least, a few beautifully written poems.

Glass Heartplease put my glass heart
back in the box
it doesn't need to be touched
it doesn't need your fingerprints
I never should have taken it out
to show how it glittered like diamond
when it is
fragile as ice
it doesn't need to be polished
it doesn't need to be dusted
I regret letting you lift it
into your hands like an egg
don't drop it
don't crack it
don't break it
wrap it in soft fabric
and tuck it in a velvet box
and close the drawer
extinguishing all light
there are many types of fire                              a
                     is quite
                   in how it
                     to the


In Loving Memory of Damien GrimOh, my heart. I've slowly been becoming more active here, but I didn't see the news until belatedly that inknalcohol has passed away. I ... hurt. This journal, with all its ups and downs, literary cameos, and admittedly somewhat irreverent jokes, is my tribute to him.
I met Damien in summer 2014 when he was still a CV and I was still recovering from my rail platform accident. He preferred to feature mostly prose, but I decided to send him a poem because the story in it ... holy crap. I didn't even know him, but something told me he'd appreciate it.

And that was how we became friends. Any story that spoke deeply to me, whether in prose or in verse, I sent to him. He was very tolerant of me, and I dare say I got him to like poetry a bit. ;)

But I promise I wasn't a defiant bastard all the time.


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Thank you for including my poem in such an incredible collection! <3
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Thank you for featuring one of my works. Really appriciated 
PennedinWhite Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
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